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Maternity21 testing

Hi ladies, just wanted to welcome myself on this board. I am 38, pregnant with 2nd one (this one with ivf) & 11 1/2weeks along. I took the maternity21 test last week & waiting for results. I didn't have to take this test with my dd. I am just curious for those who did this test did you also do the amniocentesis test also? This week I also have my NT scan scheduled. I guess not used to all these tests all at once. Looking forward to hearing from you. 
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  • I did not get an amio. (test didn't exist with 1st)Boy #2 and this upcoming baby boy#3 had normal results so we didn't bother.
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  • Hi, I'm 21 wks ans 39yrs.I had maternity 21 & amnio. Everything went well. All results were normal but, I didn't have any of these test done with my 1st child.
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  • Maternity 21 wasnt a thing with my first. I don't really see any reason to do M21 and amnio. I prefer zero risk options and I'm not that worried about the results. I'm only doing it because its easy positive proof.  
  • I was 34 with my son and had the NT scan only. Since I am now 41, I did the NT scan as well as the Materniti21 today. We will go back for results and meet with the genetic counselor in two weeks. If the results are giving me poor odds, we will do an amnio, if it looks good, we will not.
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  • What's Maternity21? Is that all the different screenings? We just went to our genetic counselor appointment, and I don't want to get the diagnostic tests but I'm on the fence on whether or not I should do any screening tests. We have a really low probability, but of course I'm still a worrier. DH doesn't think we need to do the screening tests. Thoughts?
  • We did it. I just wanted to know. I am 41, no family history, but since it’s just a blood test, I needed the piece of mind. I felt much better after getting negative results. 
    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


  • We are going to do CVS (instead of amino) because we can do it earlier. I am 39 and 9wks, didn’t do this with earlier pregnancies. 
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