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Ladies with endo, help me symptom spot?


In April of this year I had a laparoscopy for fibroids and scar tissue from a previous myomectomy. At the time, my doctor said he had discovered some adenomyosis but that it was only in one area. I honestly don't recall if he said he removed any of it (note to self: ASK).

Fast forward to July, when we began the FET process. After one cancelled cycle and two failures, I decided to take a break and come down off of all the medications. We have a WTF appointment with our RE scheduled at the end of this month. Anticipating maybe doing an ERA with him in a couple months, I decided to start tracking ovulation this month using the cheap but pretty darn accurate home pee sticks. I started testing a few days before O, and got a positive the day after I got my first EWCM, which was this past Thursday (11/9). I THOUGHT what I was feeling around the time was ovulation pain, but it's actually a dull ache in the center of my pelvis and it's somewhat sharp if I lean into my kitchen counter or when I am carrying something in front of me that's hitting that general uterine area. I'm still feeling it today, just sitting here. It's kind of a dull ache.

Now, I was not told that I have endo, just adenomyosis, but as I understand it they often go hand in hand. I am starting to wonder if I do in fact have endo considering the amount of discomfort I'm experiencing. My biggest fear is that by the time I'm able to get in to see anyone, the feeling will be gone. So I'm thinking that after the sit-down with my RE on the 28th I will ask him about it and make a plan to go in next month when I start feeling this. In reading about endo, I saw that the pain can often happen around ovulation AS WELL as during menstruation.

Does anyone have experience with this type of pain around ovulation? I'm really curious if I'm somehow psychosomatic and that this isn't a thing, but considering all the hormones I've been pumping into my body, it may have exacerbated the situation or this might be something really exciting like an ovarian cyst, but considering it's in the center of my pelvis I doubt that's the case. Any info is welcome, thank you!

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