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Are there any other mommies out there that are pregnant wit twins?

are there any mommies out there that are pregnant with twins, and what has your experience been so far?


  • Not this time, but I had twins in 2011 and it was my easiest and healthiest pregnancy so far (I've now had 4 plus a miscarriage). 
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  • Were your twins identical or fraternal if you don’t mind me asking @Ladybug7456
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  • Yes I am pregnant with twins. This is my second pregnancy (I have a 4 yr old). My first pregnancy was hard mostly the first trimester. This pregnancy is so difficult. I am sick all day and sometimes at night. I can't wait till the end of the day so I can go home and lay down. I will be in my second trimester next week and hope I will start to feel better.
  • How far along are you if you don’t mind me asking? @dcrqueens
  • I am pregnant with twins. Not my first pregnacy. First pregnacy there were too many issues, that lead me to make a very big decision for aborotion. But this is the first one I've decided to go through with. I am considered high risk for so many reasons. I've been diabetic since I was 15. Been off my medicine since August. Got the Gasteric sleeve surgery in August. And in November I find out Im pregnant with not just one. But two!
  • Yes, 28 weeks with mono/di boys. My experience has been pretty typical to a normal, low risk pregnancy. Morning sickness and fatigue weren't unbearable (I didn't even puke), and the second trimester was awesome, especially when I started feeling babies kick. I'm getting quite sore now and my skin is feeling quite stretched. Only had back pain from weeks 17-18 and then just since week 27. Fluid is good though, and babies are in 50th percentile with everything, so they are growing perfectly.

    I have had a very hard time staying hydrated and have suffer from heart palpitations my whole pregnancy because of it. Got the glucose test done yesterday and my specialist said I have a lot of fluid so when I go see my OB I may get a positive for GD (hopefully not) and that I look pale and may have anemia and hopefully my OB ordered bloodwork on that. I have gained about 40 pounds so far and started out around 135 at 5'0". Oh, this is my first pregnancy by the way.

    I found out I was pregnant by having severe lower right abdominal pain that I and my doctor thought was appendicitis. Turns out it was an inexplicable pain caused by a pregnancy. This happened at about 3 weeks into my pregnancy (I have PCOS so I rarely get periods so I do not know when my last period should have been so they did not know for sure but with the boys' growth it was spot on). Found a heartbeat at 6 weeks, found 2 babies at 10 weeks haha. That's all I can think of to share about my experience without rambling all night haha.
  • Super long story short I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with twin identical boys. They are mono/di twins which means they are separated by a tini tiny membrane but they share one placenta. I have been going to high risk doctors since we found out we were having twins and we go every week still. Sometimes more than once a week. This pregnancy is my first, and it has been an absolute roller coaster. When we were just 14 weeks we were sent to Cincinnati children’s hospital because the boys showed early signs of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. They sent us back home, it hasn’t completely been ruled out but what the doctors are saying now is that I may have what’s called selective IUGR. Which basically means one baby is smaller than the other. Well, the reason one baby is smaller than the other is because of the placement of his umbilical cord into the placenta. And also because of the placement of his cord, his umbilical Doppler’s are intermittently absent. So he isn’t necessarily getting all of the blood and nutrients that he needs unlike the other baby. I am curious if any other mommies have been through this, and when their IUGR babies were born.  
  • I am! Currently 12 weeks with di/di twins
  • I am pregnant with twins, almost 11 weeks
  • I am a FTM pregnant with Momo Twins so very high risk! I am 15 weeks today and so far babies are growing and doing great! Starting next week I see my high risk doctor every week and at week 24 I go into the hospital until the babies come. They said they will take out the babies no later than 34 weeks. My pregnancy has been pretty easy other than that. No morning sickness. Am tired a lot but need to continue working as much as possible before I go into the hospital for two and a half to three months.
  • @smdexter, Hi! thanks for sharing. I am in limbo at 9 weeks waiting to see if I have mono-mono or mono- di twins.  How are you feeling?
  • @pregomego2015 I have been feeling good. I have been lucky that I have not had any morning sickness or crazy cravings. Besides being tired a lot, this pregnancy has been easy so far. Fingers crossed!! Good luck with your next checkup! I will pray for the best for you!!
  • Just found out I am pregnant with twins, 6 weeks. Dr is having me come back in 2 weeks to see a better ultrasound. Baby B is also a little smaller than A and Dr. Was able to see heartbeat but not pick it up on the ultrasound. My husband and I went to our appointment yesterday expecting to hear we were miscarrying bc I have had spotting the last 11 days and nurse told me on Monday that since my #s didn't double in 48 hours and I was spotting I was miscarrying most likely but I did another hcg 5 days later and it more than doubled and also my #s have been high since the beginning. So excited that I forgot to ask what type of twins they are but we are going back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.
  • @smdexter, I found out today that I am also having MoMo twins.  10 weeks along and going to MFM every 2 weeks.  Please keep me posted on your progress.  Definitely be thinking and praying for you as well.
  • @starswilldiex2829, I feel like the waiting is the hardest part.  Wishing you some stress free days and a speedy 2 weeks!
  • I'm 28 weeks with di/di twins. I'm high risk for multiple reasons. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 2 weeks ago. Also had hypertension prior to pregnancy. 
  • Hey everyone I went today for my ultrasound and the second sack was empty at 8w, 3d so I am back to a Singleton pregnancy but that baby is measuring healthy and hb 174. I have another ultrasound next month to confirm and see if the sack is absorbed.

    Good luck twin Mamas!
  • I'm 17w 4d with twins. I found out I was pregnant while in the ER for pain, and I have very irregular periods sometimes none at all, so the last thing I was expecting was pregnancy. I have three boys already, and after my second they told me I wouldn't be able to have anymore, got meds to prevent a blood transfusion and got pregnant with #3 and then they said no way I would have more and I got the BFP at the hospital. Then at 12w at my OB I found out I'm having twins! Baby B is a little smaller than Baby A but both have good strong heartbeats. I go to my first MFM appt on Tuesday at exactly 18w for my anatomy scan and hoping after seeing all is well, that I can find out what type of twins they are, and their sex so DH & I can start picking out names for them and start prepping their nursery as I was told it's best to have everything done by 30-32 wks for Twins since they tend to come early, plus this is my 4th c section so I'm high risk for twins, 4th c section and because I've had GD three times so they're expecting it again this time. 
  • I’m 8 weeks, 4 days with di twins. So far I’ve experienced what I think (this is our first pregnancy) is the usual; super hungry, tired and sore back. At this point it’s just a matter of waiting and praying they’re still ok in there at my next ultrasound in 3.5 weeks. I can’t wait till I can feel them moving around so I can have some reassurance between ultrasounds that they’re ok. Best of luck to any mamas out there reading this! 
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    I'm 21 weeks with identical twin girls! So far, my vagina has been swollen lol TMI and my back gets sore. I got a stand/sit desk at work and have a belly band on the way. I go in every two weeks for an ultrasound on top of seeing my doctor
  • I know this is an older thread but twins here as well (: di di fraternal, girl and boy. 32w6d lowest risk and very excited they will be here soon!!! 
    I've had a pretty easy pregnancy honestly I got lucky it has gone so smoothly so far. Fingers crossed delivery is the same! 
  • Hii mommas!! Pregnant with my 4th and 5th.. twinsss. Identical. Possible momo  im 9weeks and so far havent seen a membrane. praying we see one soon!!! 
  • I just hit 10 weeks and found out it’s most likely MCMA or “Momo” is anyone else going through this ? Ladies that have been through this above and left comments - what was your outcome ? 
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    Hi I don’t know how long ago you posted But I’m mono di and 19 weeks - they told me early on  my twin pregnancy was mono mono. I went to see a specialist where they did a more advanced ultrasound and they saw the membrane that means mono di. I had been considering terminating if it was mono mono because it was still so early on and the risks and stresses are so high. But it’s turns out the membrane isn’t often missed early on by regular ultrasounds. Considering how rare mono mono is and how frequently sonograms can’t see what they’d need to I think it’s very reckless for an OB to give a diagnosis before sending to a high risk specialist that has The technology and experience to get it right. Good luck - how did it go for you??
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