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Giving Up Nap?

Is anyone's baby/toddler starting to give up their nap?  My baby napped for 2.5 hours on Saturday but then yesterday didn't nap at all.  The naps have been all over the place and I am afraid that means they are giving them up.  I think they are still too young, not even 2 yet!!  So tell me, how are naps going for your little ones?

Re: Giving Up Nap?

  • My child has been napping terribly! He's all over the place. Some days it's 3 hours, some days it's 1 hour, but 50% of the time he's not napping at all and is a huge bear by 5pm. It's been going on about 3 weeks. I'm hopeful it's just a phase because we are all going insane!
  • Ha was just wondering about that and my little one usually naps around 12:30, it's now 1:45 and she still has not fallen asleep and doesn't seem sleepy... I think we should still have about a year of naps though shouldn't we?  She usually goes do daycare in mornings and then is more than ready for a nap.  We skipped this morning as she slept it so I'm not too surprised she's not sleepy...
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  • I was just coming on to see if anyone was having issues! I’m wondering if its the time change. Its been a problem since then. Some days she wont nap. Some it takes two hours for her to sleep and then she sleeps an hour. And some days she falls asleep quickly and has three hours. Maybe a regression? She sleeps wonderfully at night. But I’m praying she isnt giving up her nap. Seeming as everyones having a problem I’m thinking its the age. 
  • Same boat. Naps are all over the place. She naps for 2 hours then the next day it'll be 30 minutes and the day after she's fighting me, screaming because she doesn't want to nap.
  • @cali1710 the image you posted caught my attention, very curious to read their best tips...  is it an online article we can access?  Can you share the link?
  • @cali1710 the image you posted caught my attention, very curious to read their best tips...  is it an online article we can access?  Can you share the link?

    Thats where I read it. If you google 2 year sleep regression there will be lost of stuff on it. They all pretty much say the same thing though. 
  • Thanks! Will check it out.  I don't live in the US. I remember when j first heard of sleep regressions via this group last year sometime, I asked my pediatrician about it and she had never heard of them and had no idea what i was talking about haha...  We didn't experience them till after 18 months but have a few of the symptoms now...
  • ANYOne else still having trouble? She was napping again for a good week but now were on day three of no naps. Ughhhhhhh
  • YES! We have had two days this week where Samuel will NOT nap. Like refuses. He’s clearly exhausted so I know it’s not that he doesn’t need the nap. He’s been cranky overall so I’m wonder if it’s teeth? I also have an 8 week old so I guess it could just be from all the changes but he hasn’t had any problems until now so idk! Sorry this is so unhelpful haha 
  • I think we are FINALLY back on track after about 5 weeks of poor sleep (short naps or totally refusing naps, trouble going to sleep at night, and waking earlier than normal). We just stuck with our routine and tried to keep him at rested as we could. The past 4 days, he has napped and slept all night. Really hoping it continues!!! I've been going crazy
  • @kaym6 its helpful knowing I’m not alone!  Hopefully it’ll grt better soon. Knock on wood she napped today so fingers crossed the phase is over. 
    @mestokes 5 week?! Poor thing! Glad you’re back in track!!
  • @cali1710 I thought we were doing better because he took a two hour nap one day and now the last two days he’s absolutely refused and has been a disaster at bedtime. I even have given him Tylenol because I thought it was his teeth. I have no idea. I hope yours stays better! 
  • @kaym6 she didnt nap today and last night she was in hysterics going to bed.  And she has been waking up at 4 o’clock the last four nights. She will go back to sleep but sometimes it takes an hour so. I at least feel better that it’s not just my kid, hopefully it’s just the age and it’s a phase. I thought teeth too but I don’t see anything 
  • Sometime over the summer LO was refusing naps. It went on for about 2 weeks, then I resorted to driving her around and then she would take 2 hour car naps. Then I slowly transitioned her back to naps in the crib and we are back on track. It was so horrible, but it was a phase! Fx it's just a phase for you mamas too!
  • @cali1710 I also was thinking teeth but can’t see anyrhing! He’s been chewing on his hands and stuff which made me think teeth but I see nothing so I’m not sure. This was the 3rd day in a row with no nap. I know he needs it he’s miserable the rest of the day! Right now my plan is to just keep trying for a nap every day and stay consistent to his routine I guess! How long do you try to get her to nap before giving up for the day? I want to stay consistent in case he’s just testing the limits but I also can’t just make him stay in there all day lol glad we’re not alone but sorry you’re dealing with it too because it is not a fun time 
  • @kaym6 I'm late to chime in here but I generally leave Davey for 1.5 hours (frm noon to 1:30). I never let him nap past 3 pm or it messes with bedtime, and if he hasn't fallen asleep by 1:30, he won't get a decent enough nap to wake up happy. On those days we just skip it altogether and go to bed early.
  • On the days Zack doesn't nap, I usually leave him in his crib until his nap would usually be ending. If he doesn't fall asleep, then we deal with it and if he falls asleep really late- we'll wake him up after an hour or so to keep him from messing up bedtime
  • @mamadcb @nackie ok perfect thanks!! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing as well! Glad to know I’m on the same page as others it makes me feel less insane haha 
  • Ok so when you leave them up there for the duration that their nap would usually be are they like content just awake? Or fussing? Or screaming.... because Samuel will scream like he is being tortured from start to finish. Doesn’t matter if I go in, don’t go in, he just screams and cries hysterically the entire time. 
  • When we first started sleep training, Zack once cried for almost 2 hours before falling asleep.  Now he mostly only cries if there's something wrong.  In that case, we'll go up check on him, do a diaper change, give him a snuggle and put him back down.  As long as nothing is wrong, he'll mostly play with his stuffed animals.  Sometimes there's a little fussing though.  He almost always naps with this system.  I think we've only skipped 3-4 naps completely.
  • @kaym6 I leave her in the crib until her nap would usually end. She usually chats and plays. But she needs a nap. She’s exhausted if she doesnt. I got her to open her mouth and I see a bit of her molars on the bottom coming in so I’m hoping thats what this whole thing is. My cousin said her little guys naps were messed up for over a month when he was getting molars. So I’m praying thats why. 
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