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Do I need more stuff?

Hello guys! 
I was wondering if I can get a little help troubleshooting my cloth diaper collection? 

I so far have: 
21 Alva OS pockets with microfiber inserts
20 thin cotton inserts
6 extra thick charcoal bamboo inserts
3 travel wetbags
1 large laundry wetbag

I have another $100 or so to invest in my stash. I want to get another 3 or 4 Alva pockets (just because I love the patterns too much), and maybe a couple of Kawaiis and SunBabys to compare.
Other than that, what should I use the remaining money for? 

I've heard hemp inserts are amazing, but will I really need them, considering how many inserts I already have? Maybe they're good for nighttime... But how many, and from where? 

And do I need more wetbags? Really not sure... I don't go out much. But maybe another laundry wetbag? 

I'm tempted to get some pricier diapers, but most companies don't even ship to my country, and when they do the shipping is really expensive. $100 would get me, like, 3 diapers. It really doesn't seem worth it...

Id love to hear your thoughts! 

PS: Story that I ended up writing so much - kudos if you read the whole thing. Haha

Re: Do I need more stuff?

  • I’m personally not a big fan of Alva brand because my DS leaked through them every time he wore them, and he got rashes from the liner in them. (His picky butt has to have 100% organic cotton we discovered through trial and error) 

    I would personally start with that, and see how it goes. If you like this system you can always add more at a later date, or try something new. With 21 diapers you’re going to be washing about every other day when they’re smaller. We probably have around forty something at this point... (DS is 19 m/o and we’re expecting in May) This is a great link to check out.
  • Oh I didn’t answer all your questions, sorry! We have three wet bags and two pail liners and that works for us with only washing twice a week. We use rumparooz hemp inserts for overnights now because he’s such a heavy wetter, but it keeps him mostly dry from 9pm to 8am. I know Bumgenius ships outside of the US, and you might try some smaller retailers like Abbyslane? 
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    I would get a second laundry bag.  You're going to throw the used one in the wash with the diapers and need something to put any fresh diapers in while laundry is going.
    Consider getting a few hemp inserts. We use hemp and charcoal bamboo together for sleeping.  The bamboo alone wasn't absorbent enough. 
    Like pp said, check out bum genius, we love ours.  
    We have about 25 diapers and do laundry every other day.  It gets too stinky otherwise.
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