Pregnant after a Loss

I can’t stop taking tests

I think I’m pregnant. But my period is due today and the line is still so light. (I’ve taken about 10 tests over the week, so I’m definitely losing my mind) I lost a pregnancy once before, the day after my missed period, so I can’t help but worry it will happen again. Like maybe my hormones aren’t strong enough to darken the line, so they won’t be strong enough to keep this baby.

I’m also trying to decide whether to tell my husband tonight or wait to see.

Re: I can’t stop taking tests

  • You are definitely pregnant! Congrats!  I understand the constant testing after a loss.  Fingers crossed this is your sticky baby.  Good luck!
  • That is definitely a line. I had really light lines at first too. 
    I hope it’s a sticky baby for you. 
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    I have had 2 previous losses, last one one year ago this month and I just found out on Wednesday I am pregnant! I was under care of RE so I knew when I ovulated and tested positive shortly after 3 weeks, lines were very faint at first and I'm still taking tests. The thing I did that helped me feel like I am not crazy is I went a bought a clear blue easy digital test. It says pregnant/not pregnant. No lines to feel like you are imagining. You are not crazy!! It's so hard after a loss!! Those are definitely positives!!!
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  • @chellybeens. Happy New Year!!!  Do we have a happy update....  I hope?
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