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Reward system ideas??

Help! I’ve got a 4 year old who needs a little guidance and positive reinforcement. What do you moms do/use to help your little ones with positive reinforcement? (We’ve tried a magnetic chart but he seems to get bored with that.) TIA!

Re: Reward system ideas??

  • Bump .. Any suggestions? Has anyone heard of Kudo Banz?? .. Found during a google search and thought the band was cute and a good way to reward my son. 
  • You have to find something that is a meaningful "currency" for your own child.  My daughter was always motivated by stickers and art supplies.  My son also liked stickers, but couldn't have cared less about art supplies.  Food treats were actually a great motivator for him.

    My advice would be to keep the reward very small.  The motivation comes from "getting" the thing more than "having" the thing, if that makes sense.  In that way, frequent smaller rewards can sometimes be a more powerful incentive for a preschool child than working for a long time for a bigger, higher-value reward.
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