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My grandmother says I'm to big

I'm 21 weeks pregnant with pcos. I am overweight and before I knew I was pregnant I was working out and on a diet. When I found out I was pregnant I decided to just walk instead of doing big exercises. The past few weeks my belly has grown outward and has harden. My grandmother told me I need to get a gym membership as soon as this baby pops out and to stop eating so much. My heart broken. I have been having issues with my weight for years and was told I couldn't have children. So for her to say that to me broke my heart. I'm constantly upset saying I'm to big and fat. My husband is so supportive and tells me I'm pregnant. He has to tell me that everyday because my grandma just won't stop insulting my weight. I don't eat heavy, I never have. I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't even want to be around her period.

Re: My grandmother says I'm to big

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  • Thank you for your support it really means a lot. I plan on talking to her the next time she says something about it.
  • and you say to grabdma mind your own business 
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  •  Women's doctors used to be awful about "excessive"  weight gain, times have changed however. She must just not be aware that's she's still living in the dark ages.  I'd be honest with her both about being wrong and how she's hurting your feelings spouting nonsense. 
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