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Weekly Product Spotlight 11.8: Belly Binders

Per request, this week we'll talk about belly binders.

STM+ if you used one:
  • Which one(s) did you use?
  • Did you delivery vaginally or c/s? Was it helpful in your pp recovery?
FTM, any questions for moms who have used one?
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Re: Weekly Product Spotlight 11.8: Belly Binders

  • I'm a third time mom and have never used a belly binder but always wondered about them!  Are the weight loss and tummy tightening claims true??

  • Has anyone used a Bellefit? That is the one I am considering but its kind of pricey and would love a real person's perspective (rather than IG influencers who got them for free). 
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  • I'm pretty sure the one I used was the belly bandit. I don't feel like the help with weightless or tightening, but they do help you move around better while your and are readjusting.

    I felt like the benefit wore off after about 2wks post partum though, so it's definitely not something I used long term.
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    Kid #4 and haven't ever used one.

    Only people I know who did were my sister (who got an umbilical hernia mid pregnancy and needed one medically) and my grandma (who is weight/figure obsessed and only gained like 10 pounds even though she started at 115. She didn't even buy different clothes!)

    Is this a thing for typical pregnancies/deliveries?
  • I intend to get one but that's because I'm having a c-section and having the binder hold in my abs helps me stand up easier and feel less..."out of control of my muscles," I think is the best way to describe it. I have a narrow belly binder for pregnancy but I want to find a wide one for post-birth.
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  • I used the original belly bandit and then switched to the mother tucker corset. The original was a little bulky at first but definitely helped with posture and overall comfort. The mother tucker has 6 sets of hooks so it's very adjustable. It helped me fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts and smoothed everything out. I delivered vaginally but I don't think I started using the original until 4+ weeks post partum.
  • There are so many options I feel so overwhelmed shopping for one if I end up having another c-section... I've heard from several moms that it helped a ton with recovery after one so I definitely think I'll be getting one if I go that route again.  There are these weird 3 section ones on amazon, but I feel like they would hit where the incision is... hopefully someone who has used one for a previous post baby has some good advice for us  :)
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