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Ways to gain weight

I have had two children before this one, both boys and I have never lost weight in pregnancy except for the first month. I am now 18 weeks and just keep losing weight. Since the beginning of my pregnancy it seems no matter what I just keep losing it. I have got in trouble by my doctor and WIC. I do not have nausea or vomiting buy sometimes a lack of appetite. When I have lack of appetite I have to force myself to eat but still even eating like 4-5 times a day I lose weight. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Ways to gain weight

  • Try protein shakes maybe ? 
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  • I agree about the protein shakes. My weight is stable but I don't have much of an appetite either so I know it's kind of hard. I do the protein shakes that go on sale at Costco on occasion (Premier Protein) and I've done Boost, too. Some of the Boost/Ensure drinks are made with extra calories because they're specifically made for people (like you and the ill/elderly) who need to pack in the calories. Obviously try to keep it balanced but go for calorie dense foods. Don't fill up on stuff like rice cakes and celery. And, ask your doctor. The goal isn't just to yell at you and scold you. The goal is to work with you to keep this baby healthy. Ask what they recommend for packing in the calories while staying healthy. 
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