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TDAP in second trimester

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Has anyone ever gotten the TDAP shot in the second trimester? My sister is due Dec. 8 and she wants me to get the vaccine soon since I'll be around her baby a lot, but I'm worried because I'm only 19 weeks. 

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  • My OB is waiting until I am in third tri, she didn't say why but was specific about waiting two appts in a row. I would ask your OB. 
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  • When was your last TDAP? If it was within the last ten years, I'd say getting it for her baby at this point isn't necessary. They always like for people to get the booster if they'll be around a baby a lot because it's relatively easy, cheap, and low risk for the benefits. But, due to your extenuating circumstances and if you already have a current vaccine, I would feel comfortable for both of you about waiting. It's only another five weeks after her due date until you're in the third trimester. Not even thinking of prioritizing babies based on who they go with, just balancing risk/benefit for each, I would think that the added benefit to her baby of you getting vaccinated early would be much smaller than the added benefit to your baby for you (and therefore it) to get vaccinated on the recommended timeline so that your baby is born with optimal immunity. 

    But, obviously this comes down to talk to your doctor and have her talk to hers. I have an idea they'll both support you waiting. But maybe they would both vote that your partner gets theirs sooner rather than later? So that way there's the gain of reduced risk to her baby but it works to do it now because you're not trying to balance them passing immunity to your baby, kwim?
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  •  They have started telling you to get extra doses of vaccines during pregnancy,  this was not a thing until fairly recently.  They have also found out in the last couple of years the flu vaccine they were suggesting causes miscarriage so I'm not buying it.  
  • My OB gave me the TDAP at my 24 week appointment. He said it was close enough to third that he was fine with it.

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  • @WeLiveInMaine where do you get this bull? wehatevaccines.com? 

    OP trust science and tried and true studies 
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  • Her baby should have immunities from her for around 6 weeks. So by the time he’s born and the 5 weeks go by, you might be at 28 weeks, which is when a lot of OBs give the TDAP.

    Ten years is for the tetanus part of the vaccine. The pertussis part only lasts around 5 years. 
  • Don't assume anyone who brings up caution is anti vaccine. I encourage anyone to do their own research to understand the issue before jumping all over anyone else,  like so many things in parenting its a complex issue.  
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