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High Fasting Glucose Levels - Help?

I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes about a year before I got pregnant. I am seeing a high risk doctor who wants my fasting levels at 90. I am currently on 1,250mg of metformin before bed. My fasting numbers have gone down, but still aren't at 90 every day (highest have been 105, 103, 108, still not too high, but higher tha HE wants). If anyone else has had this issue, and has successfully lowered your fasting, I would appreciate any suggestions!

Re: High Fasting Glucose Levels - Help?

  • I'm in a similar situation where I was pre-diabetes before pregnancy and moved right to gestational diabetes after I got pregnant. My fasting for the most part has been in the 80's, but has occasionally been in the 100's as well. I started seeing an endocrinologist as soon as I was confirmed pregnant, and the endocrinologist immediately switched me from metformin (1000 mg daily) to insulin (meal time only, 3 units). What I was told was that insulin is safer for the baby as metformin doesn't have proven safety data and it's not proven to be that effective (for pregnant patients? Dunno) either. So maybe bring this up with your doctor. My problem so far has been post-meal glucose level, but my doctor mentioned to me that when I start to see consistently high fasting glucose (> 100), then I should be on long-acting insulin at night time. 

    Another thing you can do is walk after dinner (or preferably after each meal). I try to walk 30 min after dinner and that made a huge difference in morning glucose numbers the next day. If that's too much, you can start with a 15-20 min walk right after a meal and see how this affects your glucose levels. 

    Good luck!
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