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Measuring above/below average

my doctor told me today that I’m measuring below average, but my weight gain, baby heart beat, and her movement is absolutely fine. Need to do an ultrasound just to be safe. I’m 33 weeks. Anyone else measuring below or above average?

Re: Measuring above/below average

  • I'm measuring on track, but it's my understanding  (Someone tell me if I'm wrong!!) that there is a certain margin of error in doing the external measurements. Probably why they're recommending doing another US
  • Honestly take those measurements very lightly because they can be super off. I measured two weeks behind, then had an ultrasound which measured a week and a half ahead, and she was like 50% when she was born so none of those measurements were accurate. I’ve heard tons of similar measurement stories too so don’t worry at all about measurements unless they’re genuinely worried.
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  • @kaymariec My OB tells us that the tape measure measurement is plus/minus 2 weeks (at least) and the U/S estimate of weight is plus/minus 1lb (at least) and so they are taken as rough guidelines rather than absolute measurements.  e.g. They can be compared week to week for relative growth trends, but probably don't give an accurate estimate at any one time.

    My OB is mostly concerned on whether our LO stays on his growth curve or starts advancing outside of it, especially since I have gestational diabetes.  Throughout 1st and 2nd tri he was in the 30%ile by U/S and has been measuring right on track by tape measure (give or take a week) since that started. We're still on track by tape measure, and have an U/S later this week for a growth estimate.  FX he's not been secretly bulking up into hulk-baby without anyone noticing. :) 
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  • They’re not worried. Thanks for the encouragement! She’s a kicker and has a strong heartbeat. I just can’t help but get nervous, but nothing is ever perfect with pregnancy. 
  • Lurking from January: When I was pregnant, I was just about where you are (32 weeks) when they told me I was measuring below average. The doctor said, "huh, you're measuring small. Will do an ultrasound in two weeks. Bye." That was it! I was hysterical afterward reading about inter-uterine growth restriction etc. I also *thought* I hated the doctor for being so cold. All was perfectly fine! Baby came out 6 pounds 14 ounces and 100% healthy. I was super nervous at the time, but now I realize everyone just carries differently, and, frankly, LO could have turned on his/her side when you were there and the measurement could have been a tad deflated. I'm sure you are fine  :)

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  • Mine is measuring big. At the 32 week sonogram the tech asked me "have you been checking your sugars? is your sugar okay?" I go "baby is big right" she responds yes and I explain to her I don't have GD, just big babies. He was already at 5 1/2 lb. My first was born at 9lb 8oz so I expected to hear this one was big too! 
  • @kaymariec I am measuring small, too, and I did with DD1 as well. I measured about 33 weeks at my last appt. (34w3d). People always comment that I look tiny, too. But my weight gain is on track and baby looks good. As long as the doctor's not worried, I try not to be worried, either!

    FWIW, my daughter was 12 days late and 7 lbs, so on the smaller side (I imagine she'd have been just over 6lbs if she was on time!).
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  • I am measuring big.  I measure 6 weeks ahead with the tape measure and LO is measuring 3 weeks ahead so far on all his growth scans. I do have GD though but diet controlled and sugars have been good. He was weighing over 5lbs at 32'week scan and I have another Friday at 35 weeks. 
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  • Thanks @lavashiner that’s very reassuring. I feel like she moved down too based on kicks and jabs.
  • I measured big in my first pregnancy.  I didn't have GD, but a 30 week US showed that I had developed polyhydramous (basically just a ton of extra fluid which typically results in discomfort for mama and big babies - at 38 weeks my uterus messed 48 weeks).  I was really hoping that it also meant that I may deliver early since baby was big.  That was my own naive thinking.  Baby was born at 40 weeks weighing 10lb 4oz.  This baby is measuring big too, and I don't have GD.  I don't have polyhydramous with this pregnancy either.  My OB said that some women just grow big babies, just as some grow small babies.  

    I'll go in for a US at 36 weeks to get a better measurement, but those measurements can be off by a 1lb.  As long as you're healthy and baby is healthy, don't worry much.  Some of us just have smaller/larger babies. 
  • This is very interesting, because the doctor has told me the baby is in the 44th percentile from ultrasounds, but I have never seen this tape measure thing. Have you all been getting measured that way the whole time, or does it start after 33 weeks maybe? I guess my doctor could just be skipping it to not freak me out because of my HG and weight loss. 
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  • @kln62689 I can’t remembered when it started. Definitely before 33 weeks. But yes I get measured every appointment and then I also go for growth scans. 
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  • I’m measuring ahead for this one. 1 cm by external measurement and 2.5-3 weeks ahead on ultrasound at 32 weeks. She was 5p2oz at 33 weeks. I’m not too worried as measurements can be drastically off although she is measuring in the 96%. I have a following up scan at 38 weeks for an unrelated issues so I guess we will see 
  • @kln62689 I’ve had the measuring tape since 20some weeks. Sorry that wasn’t more specific lol.
  • @kln62689 The tape measure is for fundal height--basically, how big your uterus has gotten. It's definitely not an exact measure of how big baby is, but it's pretty common to have that measurement every appointment starting sometime after 20 weeks. Practices vary, though. 

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  • I started measuring small (tape measure) at my last 2 appointments, if I'm still small at my next appointment at 36w she said she will probably order an ultrasound.

    Doctor doesn't seem too concerned but coupled with my dropping platelet counts and swelling she did mention she's a little worried about pre-eclampsia now.
  • Had my u/s this morning and everything is fine. It was also nice to confirm sex. Would not want to have to repaint the nursery!
  • I’m measuring small. But they think it’s because she is laying transverse at the moment. Hopefully she turns soon!
  • I just had my US today and baby is measuring 36 plus weeks. 6 pounds 3 oz and 18 inches long. I am suppose to be 35 weeks tomorrow. We did get good news baby is now in correct position. I'm a little nervous about having a big baby but I'm also happy that baby has still been able to thrive considering how sick I've been this entire pregnancy. 
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