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Re: FFFC - 11/2

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  • @failuretofly I wouldn't do it, simply because of the risk of slipping and falling.  

    Also I'm crazy jealous. We have record highs this week. They also recently released the "winter outlook" forecast and are predicting a grand total of 3-6" snow/ice accumulation TOTAL for the area for the entire winter season, which is pitiful even by our standards.  
  • @failuretofly I am also jealous. High today is 83 ugh

    @breezybee I still wore my maternity clothes for a while after DD was born. The elastic is more forgiving as your body changes shape. 

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  • @babybison yes yes you can wear them forever (maybe thats my FFFC... I wore maternity cloths for a very long time post birth...)
    @breezybee it will be a long time till your body is yours again..but the nursing stage is better in some ways. also be kind to yourself a twin pregnancy is a whole other level for your poor abs and skin. it takes time to get those things close to where they belong and even then twin tummy is real... 
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  • failuretoflyfailuretofly member
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    @babybison that is why half my maternity wardrobe is just lululemon because i can wear it forever and no one will know the difference! High waisted leggings feel AMAZING on the postpartum belly
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  • failuretoflyfailuretofly member
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    Okay here's another one - i think postpartum bellies are the most beautiful things ever! They are so soft and round and perfectly display what just grew inside us for the past 9-10 months! 
    like this one: 

    {insert heart eye emoji}
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  • @breezybee that was me yesterday. I went to the grocery store, set up coffee for residents in my building, and threw together some soup for dinner. Took me about 2 hours and I was DONE for the day
  • @failuretofly I'm gonna assume that was a waterbirth or the most staged photo ever. Like, how is that baby so clean but still has a placenta attached? There's none of that powdered-donut vernix looking stuff going on :D  

  • @elcd458 ya it is a VERY pretty photo, BUT I will tell you, 1) not all babies are born with vernix on them and 2) it absorbs really quickly and some people leave the placenta attached for a REALLY LONG TIME.... like way after it has been birthed lol
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  • My fffc is that the kinds of pictures that @failuretofly posted totally creep me out. No idea why...but I seriously cringe whenever I see them  :D

    @ameliabedelia-2 yup. right there with you. I was 20% effaced at 32 weeks and haven't been checked since, but I'm assuming  (based on the contractions I've been having and how freaking low she's sitting) that I've progressed more since then. A little over a week until I get checked again at 36 weeks and I would be totally fine with my Dr telling me that I needed to go head to the hospital to have this kid like yesterday.
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    My confession is we finally figured out the hospital/delivery room fiasco With the mom-in-law and she is not part of it nor will be visiting at the hospital and i could care less how mad or upsets she gets!!! We have it set to where only two other people will be notified we are there and hospital will not release any information about us either. Went full mama bear mode about it and SO understood and agreed and even giving me a date night tomorrow night lol. 
  • I'll probably get flamed for at least one my my confessions but here goes anyways.

    1) If you buy off registry gifts, provide a gift receipt.  It's not that I don't love your item, but I received SO MANY duplicates of clothes at my shower and not one gift receipt for any of it.  I'm grateful don't get me wrong, but a full fleece bodysuit for size 6/6-9 months is ridiculous it'll be mid-summer and I don't live in the arctic.  Sidenote: all but TWO people (my aunt and my mom) at my shower purchased off-registry.  WHYYYYY?!?! 

    2) Part of me hopes the hospital is under flu precautions when I deliver because everyone on my SO's side of the family just assumes they'll be front and center for everything at the hospital.  And I'm like NOPE! Stay away this is a really intense period and I'd like my little family to start adjusting without onlookers.  The only downside to flu precaution is that DS1 wouldn't be able to visit the hospital.  People CAN visit during flu precautions, but only 2 at a time, and it would be easier just to say guests not allowed at this time.

    3) I know I might regret this in a few months but I'm really ready to just be holed up with my family and the new baby and the break from work.
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