Trouble TTC

November FSH injections, HCG injection, IUI

Hi everyone! Seasoned reader, first-time poster here. I was hoping to start a group this month for anyone going through any of the above mentioned treatments.

I have begun my first round of FSH injections using 75mg Gonal-f after TTC for almost 2 years with no luck whatsoever. No problems/explanation identified with DH nor myself thus far.

I'm copying my personal "record" below. Please join in if you're currently going through similar treatment, or have anything at all to add! Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

My history:

Cycle #1 with RE:
Mon. 07/24 CD 13
UL 0830: 3 follicles 18-20mm
Ovidrel 0845
Tues. 07/25 CD 14, ~day before ovulation 
Wash collection 1300, 57 million
IUI 1445, ~30h post HCG

Thurs. 08/17 CD 12
UL 0915: 3 follicles 16mm
Fri. 08/18 CD 13
Ovidrel 0715
Sat. 08/19 CD 14, ~day of ovulation 
Wash collection 0900, 213 million 
IUI 1045, ~27.5h post HCG

Wed. 09/13 CD 15
UL 0800: 2 follicles 19 and 23mm
Ovidrel 0815
Fri. 09/14 CD 16, ~day 
Wash collection delivered 0745,
175 million 
IUI 0920, ~25h post HCG

Femara CD5-9
Timed intercourse
Progesterone CD16
Pregnancy test CD30

Gonal-f 75mg CD3-9
Ultrasound CD7: (2)10mm, (1)13mm; (1)10mm cyst; thin uterine lining due to cont'd bleeding; estrogen 192
Ultrasound CD10: (11/03)
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