HDBD 11/1 — The Bump
January 2016 Moms

HDBD 11/1

It's been a while...

I started selling lipstick and Brynlee is obsessed. This is how she begs me for lippies (gloss).

Being dramatic... as usual.

And screaming half way around the block, back to the house on Halloween. It was cold and she hated every second. 

Re: HDBD 11/1

  • ready to drive! Hates going in her car seat. 
  • Harper “helping” carve pumpkins 
  • Loading the player...
  • Two Sheriff Callies, sitting on 2 Sparkys, watching Sheriff Callie.You guys, we got a cat. Heaven help the cat, because Birdie went from being terrified to dragging it around by the neck in about 30 minutes. Poor cat. I even got an older cat thinking it would be smart enough to just get out of harm's way, but no--we got the one cat that will hang limp and purr like crazy as she's being manhandled.Pumpkin patch!
  • We had a last minute costume change cause he HAD to be Woody. Yeah I'm a mean mom...
  • There was NO smiling for the family pictures, but she did fabulous for her individual ones!

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