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  • Oh my gosh @shanparadise!  I just went through my dad's baby book and he was started on cereal at 6 weeks old!!!  And he was 27 pounds by 10 months old.  Elijah isn't even that yet!!!!!
  • Stop, @LDSJM123!! That's frightening. They're growing up so quickly!! :neutral:
  • So...first time ever that AJ has a ear infection and it’s a triple whammy (both ears and sinuses). Anyone got any advice? 
  • @ftm53 - Ugh that sounds miserable :(  Poor babe...no advise but hang in there.

    @shanparadise - omg that is insane...I can't even imagine...

    @honeybear40 - so nice and very true!  Thanks ladies!

  • @FTM53 plenty of motrin until the pain passes. And we watched a lot of movies to keep her happy. 
  • Agree with anything that keeps them happy. Favorite movie, food, lots of Tylenol/Advil, snuggles. The first 2-3 days are the worst. 
  • Poor guy! That sounds painful!! How did to know about the ear infection? I don't think L has one now, but I'd hate to miss the signs and prolong her agony. 
  • I just wanted to make sure everyone saw this? 13 votes-- seems about like all we are these days. It appears that people love the idea of a private group. But i just wanted to be certain, one last time.


    [Deleted User]babycakesdayshaylalrkburg15
  • babycakesdaybabycakesday member
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    @LDSJM123 I agree. I think 13 is about the number of people who are still on here. 

    @schaze That's such a cute idea!! 

    So J has been waking up around 7am and napping from 12-2pm. I'm trying to figure out when I should feed her lunch. Before or after? 
    [Deleted User]FTM53kburg15
  • That is a GENIUS way to do a play kitchen! I love that so much. 
    shaylalr[Deleted User]kburg15
  • @babycakesday If P doesn’t sleep before 11:30 I go ahead and give him lunch before his nap. Usually his are early but every once in awhile he pushes it back. If he gets hungry later I’ll give him an afternoon snack.
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  • @babycakesday E Has roughly the same schedule as your LO just off an hour. We always do lunch beforehand! I don’t want her to wake up hungry during her nap. We eat a snack when she wakes up so she can make it to dinner. 
  • Hope this doesn't come across weird or wrong but could I be part of the private group? I've literally been reading and following but not posting (much) since I was preggo. Mostly because I'm pretty private online and this is public and my bump name is my name
  • @TiffRox81 I had zero clue about the ear infections because he wasn’t pulling or touching his ears, but the classic signs are ear pulling or touching and crying when being laid down

    @babycakesday This is AJs schedule. We eat lunch around 1115-1130, then he gets a snack after nap
  • I'm going to try before tomorrow. 11:30am seems so early for me but I guess they do snack. I had been trying after nap but it ruins her dinner. Thanks ladies! 
  • kmurdock925kmurdock925 member
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    @schaze - that is adorable!

    We are doing a play kitchen.  There is an auction site... www.bidfta.com (there are a ton of random locations, not just central ohio so you should check it out) and we bought a $300 wooden one on there for $45.  We picked it up last night so hopefully when we put it together all of the pieces are there, or at least enough where we can make it work well.  I've gotten sooo much good baby/toddler stuff on there for sooo cheap. 

    S sleeps until 830ish most mornings...gets a snack of yogurt around 11-1130, lunches around 1230 then usually naps between 230-4/430 or 3-5ish.  A few months ago when she was napping around lunch if she seemed too tired to make it through lunch I'd get a pouch for her to  fill up her belly enough to not wake up hungry then do legit lunch after.

    @ldsjm123 - sounds good for the group

    [Deleted User]FTM53
  • @schaze And you look amazing!
    [Deleted User]shaylalrLDSJM123
  • @babycakesday you are so sweet! Thank you! I don't feel great haha.. starting to get really very uncomfortable, which apparently is normal having 2 babies so close together??
  • @schaze my friend had his kiddos 17 months apart and said the same thing! Hang in there! You're almost there. 
    [Deleted User]LDSJM123FTM53
  • @schaze Yay for a good appointment!! And yes on the way more uncomfortable this time part, I haven’t even made it to third tri yet and I am big and uncomfortable already.
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  • F usually wakes up around 8ish and gets a snack first thing, then breakfast around 9:30 before his nap at 10:30. He will usually sleep until 12:30ish so we’ve gotten in the habit of doing lunch after nap. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but a lot of times his schedule will be off a little and he may not nap until 11:15 or so depending on what time he woke up (so he may not wake up until 1:30. Adding the morning snack makes sure he isn’t starving after waking up from nap (or overnight) and doesn’t make us feel like we’re feeding him nonstop with a big gap until dinner 
  • @schaze - that is awesome!!! woo to healthy pregnancies!
    [Deleted User]kburg15
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