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When does it get better?

My daughter is 6 weeks now. I've barely had any sleep since having her. Like, a few broken hours a night/day. It seems like she hardly sleeps lol I'm so ungodly, disgustingly exhausted..I feel like I have the fatigue/tiredness of the flu without being sick, if that makes sense. I barely have time to eat or shower. I have very little help/support. I'm told it gets better/easier. I'm wondering when that is because idk how I can keep doing this. I love my little girl so much and I just want to be the best mommy possible, but with the extreme sleep deprivation and no time idk how to do it. I need to get a lot of things done to get on my feet..again, idk how I can do that with no sleep, no time, and little to no help. Im getting desperate, i guess I'm wondering how other people have done this and when it gets better/easier?

Re: When does it get better?

  • hugs mama bear, it does get easier with time, but it's finding a routine that makes it so hard.  You say you have little to no support?  Maybe find some Mommy and Me things around your area and find other moms, you can build a support system with other mamas in your area.  Do you have family nearby at all?  There is also, if you can afford it. 

    When my LO was born, I was fortunate enough to have my mom visit me once a week so I could nap, shower, eat, but the rest of the week was a struggle at times. The more independent my LO became, the easier it was to get stuff done.  Mine is 4yo now and I still struggle some times. 

    Sending you lots of love, mama bear.
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