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13 month old questions

HI everyone, I hope I am posting this in the right place.  My daughter will be 13 months in a few days and over the last week she's been extra needy (she did get her shots 2 weeks ago and had a fever about 10 days later for 3 days followed by a mild rash) but she never acted like this before. If I walk away for a second, she cries.  if she trips, she cries.. sometimes she cries for no reason.. these aren't "real" cries either.. I can't figure out what this is.. a phase? a reaction to shots then being sick for a few days? I'm a FTM so I know nothing :) thanks for listening. 

Re: 13 month old questions

  • Could just be a phase or could be because she isn't feeling 100% yet. Sometimes mines super needy half the day and miss independent the other half! Their mood changes just like us. I would try not to worry.
  • The fever followed by rash was probably roseola and had nothing to do with the shots since it happened 10 days later. She might just be going through a clingy phase and having separation anxiety. 
  • thank you so much for responding.. so 4 days after no fever, she had a fever again.. went to doc it was red throat.. then 2 days later HFMD.. ugh my poor baby has had a rough last 3 weeks.
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