Pregnant after Preemies

Hey all. Can anyone tell me experiences about pregnancy after multiple preemie births?

I have 3 daughters. Born at 37 weeks, 36 weeks and 34 weeks (in that order.) My last 2 spent a little time in the NICU. My youngest a little over 3 weeks. I know I'm very lucky that our stays were relatively short. But I am worried that this baby will come even earlier just because of the trend. I'm currently 4 weeks pregnant, due in July. I have to find a new OB so I will bring up my concerns at my very first appointment but just wondering if anyone has ever carried to 40 weeks after having multiple earlier births? Is there anything I can do throughout the pregnancy to help increase my chances?

My 2nd, the 36 weeker, was actually pushed along. I had my membrances swept because I had high protein in my urine and my BP was increasing. They were concerned about pre-e. My 34 weeker was totally random, however she is only 17 months younger. So I'm hoping maybe her arrival was because of back to back pregnancies. Those 2 are 6 years old and 5 years old now.

Just jumping back into this world and hoping maybe there's something I can do throughout my pregnancy to help get to July. Thanks!
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