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I say yes hubby say not now

I really want another baby! I want so desparately to have a girl and to have a completly natural birthing experience. My 1st DS was born via emergency c-section after 25 hours of unmedicated back labor. My 2nd DS was born 6 weeks early via emergency c-section out of fear of uterine rupture. My husband wants to have a girl as well but doesn't want me to be pregnant again do to the dramatic experience with my last pregnancy. He wants to adopt. I suggested adopting in the firs place but I really want to have a VBAC. The only way he'll be ok with TTC again is after 7 years. I'm tempted to go off the pill but don't want to decieve him. idk what to do. I feel so jipped out of a wonderful experience. And I need to have this girl. I love her so much In feel like she is out there lost just witing for me to find her.

Re: I say yes hubby say not now

  • His fears are valid. I would suggest setting up an appointment with your ob/gyn and have your husband join you. Get your doctor's opinion on getting pregnant again. Maybe your doctor will ease your husband's concerns a little.  Keep in mind that even if you get pregnant again, it could end up being another c-section. 
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