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Why My SO is Awesome ((29 October))

Hey ladies, we haven’t done one of these in a while so let’s hear it!

Re: Why My SO is Awesome ((29 October))

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  • @nancysimp I am such a princess with tap water hahaha. I literally can't stand it. Ours always tastes, and smells like bleach. I love that your SO bought you a water cooler. 
  • @kalawa hilarious! Yuck. I wouldn't drink mine either if it reminded me of bleach. YUCK.

    Honestly one of the best gifts ever! Hubby got to watch whatever he wanted on tv all weekend. Hehe.

    I had no idea that I would fall in love with a watercooler. The things we learn....
  • Last night MH and DS both made me a from scratch chocolate cake because 2.0 suddenly wanted Chocolate. 
  • @kalawa that’s so awesome of him. Every time I go to Sinai I’m reminded of why I don’t want to have any more kids after this. For a regular appt that’s about 15-20 mins, on transit it is about a 5-6 hour round trip. I just can’t handle driving downtown it makes me crazy and parking downtown isn’t made for a large truck (and it drinks fuel like a pig driving downtown)
  • @syssa-o Honestly, thinking about the drive and parking was giving me anxiety. I am usually fine to drive there, but with having no clue where it is, plus rush hour, plus anxiety about appt, eff that. And I was thinking the Go train, but there is no service from here to there all weekend and I don't want to chance it. 
    @bettyvonsomethingstein When my SO leaves for his 24hr shifts...he wakes me up (5am) annnnnd takes all the coffee. Your SO needs to teach my SO what to do with the coffee...for reals. 
  • @kalawa the saving grace is that’s your appt is one of the firsts(8:30 right?) all of my early appts are on time.... the 11:00 ones I isually get in like an hour late. It’ll be so much easier for you, having him there... good luck!
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