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night time feeding efficiency-help??

hey fellow new moms, I'm looking to see if anyone has tips for getting through night time feedings peacefully/more efficiently...

right now what I do when it seems time to eat is I unswaddle her, change her diaper, reswaddle her, feed her (bottle). she sometimes falls asleep during feeding but then I try to burp her. I also then keep her held upright for 10 mins. she takes a while to fall back asleep so by the time this cycle completes it's been almost 1.5-2 hrs and she didn't get much sleep but then will be hungry again! 

anyone have any tips on what their doing at night to make it more peaceful or efficient? 

Re: night time feeding efficiency-help??

  • Are you swaddling her in a blanket? I recommend using the halo sleepsack swaddles because you can just unzip from the bottom to change diaper and leave arms swaddled. Make sure you also have pajamas that can be unzipped or unsnapped from the bottom. This saves some time but also keeps baby calmer.

    If you’re not already doing this, I also recommend changing the diaper in as dim light as possible and then turn off the lights to feed. 

    Some people say don’t bother to change diaper unless they poop. I still change it every time because I don’t want to be woken up because he peed through his diaper and got his clothes wet.
  • @Rhubarb7216 said everything there really is to say. 

    I personally use a halo swaddle and zip pjs or a sleeping gown. I only change the diaper if there is poop or it is really full. I keep the lights low and try not to talk. If you are formula feeding, you can keep the supplies next to your bed at night. If baby will take a room temp bottle great, if baby only takes warm, you can keep the water hot in a thermos.
  • I do use the halo sleep sack and have a soft night light but haven't tried changing her with the swaddle remaining on, will see if that helps keep her calm. thanks ladies! 
  • DD hates having a wet/dirty diaper so I have to do the dreaded midnight change too. I take the dirty diaper off and put the clean diaper on- no wipes, no cream, no lights. DD was a very inefficient eater when she was born, but at 4 weeks I’m finding that our night feeds are shorter, and she’s up less frequently. Hang in there!!
  • I actually remove the swaddle during the mid night feeding. I take it off, change his diaper, bottle is ready since I pump first, feed him and burp him, then reswaddle. He stays awake better for burping and the feeding goes by a lot quicker when he can move his arms. Plus  he burps better. I then reswaddle him and rock him for a few minutes. I play some music and sometimes he will take a pacifier sometimes he won't. Either way he will usually fall asleep within 10 minutes and I put him down. Altogether it takes about 30 mins to 1.5 hour depending on if I pumped too or not. Good luck!!! 
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  • Maybe I'm awful but I don't change her diaper at night. I also side nurse. She only wakes up once or twice. 
  • @tfrangul side lying nursing is awesome!
  • @tfrangul I never changed DS at night when he was a baby!! But DD is so sensitive to a wet diaper that I can’t get away with it. And she saves up all her poops for night time and hardly poops all day. Here’s hoping that changes...
  • I don't change at night unless I smell poop. It is just too disruptive. We use a swaddle, and I let his arms out because I feel bad feeding him all wrapped up.
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