Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Nursing to sleep and daycare

My son is 5 months old and he will start at a daycare center when he is 6 months. He has always been afraid of sleep and is nursed to sleep for naps and bedtime (it's the only thing that worked!). We have tried multiple different ways to put him to sleep other than nursing, and he just cries and cries and doesn't settle down, even if we're holding him, rocking him, etc. He is very smart and recognizes the nap routine and cries at the first sign of it. Another thing is that he wakes up when you lay him down flat so we end up putting him into his swing or holding him. My parents have been watching him for the past month and they can't get him to take naps either unless they walk him for 30 minutes or more and he is a big baby- weighs over 20 lbs! I ended up co-sleeping with him at night and he wakes every1-2 hours to nurse- i think after every sleep cycle-- because he isn't eating every time, sometimes he just suckles to make sure I'm still there and to get back to sleep. I guess I'm a pacifier. He also has short naps (30 min) even when I nurse him to sleep and transfer him to swing. I have no problem nursing him to sleep, but the problem is that no one else can put him to sleep. Should I try to stop nursing to sleep for naps and bed?? Or should I wait until he starts daycare at 6 months and see what happens? He won't take a pacifier either. Please help!
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