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TGIF 10/20

Am I right ladies? I know I'm doing the Friday dance on my end. 
What do you have going on this weekend? Anything fun?

Re: TGIF 10/20

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    YES! Happy Friday all!!! Not too much going on for me this weekend, it’s going to be rainy here so will be doing indoors things mostly. 

    I’m super excited because tomorrow I’m getting a massage! The last time I got a massage was 5 years ago on my honeymoon, so I’m looking forward to it. 

    Other than that, nothing really planned for the weekend. 

    Edited to add... oh and starting to BD, as I think it’s almost FW!
  • @pumpkinpancake Oooh... it’s so nice getting a massage and being pampered like that. Hopefully BDing doesn’t cause your muscles to knot back up afterwards!  :D

    As for me, DH and I are starting our jigsaw puzzle marathon for charity tonight at 7pm. 24 hours of straight puzzling to benefit the Red Cross. I’m about to head to the grocery store to buy enough soda and junk food to sustain us. Sunday will be spent sleeping and trying to recover, cause I ain’t 19 no more. 

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  • @pumpkinpancake ooh I love a massage!  Enjoy!!!

    @leahcimmichael have fun puzzling and staying up all night. Not sure I could hang for 24 hrs.  Good luck!

    AFM, we are going to dinner at friends tonight.  Not sure what the rest of the wkd entails I just know we are not traveling! 
  • @pumpkinpancake OHhh, I'm envious! I would LOVE a massage. I bought one for DH last winter and he still hasn't used it. I'd be all over it if it were me, especially if I did manual labor all day every day. I might have to just schedule it for him.

    @leahcimmichael I love puzzles too, that sounds fun!

    Mack2342 Have fun with your friends. That sounds like a good time. Have a drink for me...or several...

    We don't have anything too exciting planned for this weekend. I'm still not feeling hot so I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend of holding down the couch. I'm sure we'll go hunting Sunday since the dang things aren't chasing yet, so we've still been empty handed thus far. DH went out to our land today to hang no hunting/trespassing signs up so hopefully we won't have another gun scare from an unwelcome hunter.
  • @pumpkinpancake enjoy the massage!!!

    @leahcimmichael that sounds like fun! What is the pic on the puzzle?

    @Mack2342 enjoy ur dinner!!!

    @ELeighMay hope ur feeling better soon and that their are no scares while you hunt!

    We are going north for the weekend and I can’t wait!!! It is supposed to be a perfect weekend! 
  • @sprkls8506 where north are you headed? 
  • @Mack2342 up to the mtns. Gotta love New England! Beach and mtns never too far away! 
  • @leahcimmichael that sounds so fun to do a puzzle marathon! Though I definitely couldn’t stay awake for 24 hours straight.. I can barely make it up past 10 these days :flushed:

    @Mack2342 enjoy your dinner!!

    @ELeighMay you should get your DH to schedule the massage or else you should get to use it! This is my first time, but I have massage benefit through my health insurance, so I only have to pay basically a copay. I guess the benefit to having to pay an arm and a leg for my D&C is that at least my deductible is already met?? Feel better and GL hunting!

    @sprkls8506 enjoy your time in the mtns! 
  • pumpkinpancake I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't seem to stay up past 10.  :D I think I'll call and schedule his. I know he'd love it, but he's your typical man's man so tends to sway away from anything that in any way could be considered "girly". Frankly, I think it's the dumbest thing ever and know that once he leaves there he's going to be like Jello and feeling awesome. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw your post. 
  • @pumpkinpancake and @mack2342 I’m not completely sure I can stay awake for 24 hours, either. I’ve got a whole case of Dr. Pepper to help, though! 

    @sprkls8506 We have a whole stack of puzzles. Not sure how many we’ll get through. Depends how bad the sleep deprivation hits us... 

    @ELeighMay Glad your DH is posting signs! Even with signs it can be dangerous to be in the woods during hunting season. Growing up my mom would always warn us to wear bright colors. Of course, we made so much noise that any nearby hunters prolly got frustrated and left...  :D
  • I am really busy today.  This morning I was on the phone with insurance for an hour but it was totally worth it.  was running late to DDs field trip but made that for an hour and half.  This afternoon I need to talk to a bride via phone before she books us.  I just found out I got a new student:)  that makes 2 in 1 week!  I'm going to yoga tonight before dinner - much needed.

    tomorrow morning I go in to quest for blood work.  I have a wedding and cocktail hour to play early evening.  Dh and I may possibly go to a halloween party afterwards but I'm leaning no because I'm going to be beat and lets face it I totally prefer going to bed on time rather than super late these days.

    sunday i'm not totally sure - we need to get some pumpkins though.  its almost halloween!!!
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  • @pumpkinpancake Ooohhh a massage! Have fun! I was going for one every other week 'cause I hurt my lower back, but I haven't been in a month or so. Need to schedule another appointment. LOVE massages!

    @leahcimmichael 24 hours!?! You are way awesomer (yes, I'm making that a word) than I am. I'm up for 13-14 hours a day and I'm already in my pj's crawling into bed. Have fun!

    AFM, not doing too much this weekend. Cleaning and laundry. Joys of being an adult. **TW child mentioned** It's DD's 11th birthday tomorrow and it's her friend party so we're having it at a laser tag place tomorrow afternoon. **End TW**. Other than that, I plan to continue my Netflix binge-a-thon and pick up where I left off watching Grace and Frankie. Lily Tomlin is fantastic in this series!

    Me: 35 I DH: 38
    *TW loss and children mentioned*
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    Aug 17: IUI #4 = Cancelled due to premature ovulation | TI = BFN
    Sep 17: IUI #5 = Cancelled due to overstimulation (10+ follies)
    Nov 17: IVF #1 = Cancelled due to non-IF related health issue | TI = BFN
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    Apr 18: FET #3 (natural cycle) = cancelled due to missed ovulation
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  • leahcimmichael WHOA!! Puzzle Party at your place! That looks so fun.

    tosh24 I'm all about the Netflix-a-thons I love Grace and Frankie too. It's like a spot-on version of my mom and aunt, it cracks me up.
  • We wanted to do a last minute getaway this weekend, but every place that's family friendly is outrageously expensive, such a bummer. I'm thinking about trying an aerial silks class this weekend but it's *TW child mentioned* during DD's nap time and that's when I usually take my nap hah. I need my sleep! *End TW. 
    So still trying to figure out something else fun to do, which is hard when it's supposed to rain all weekend. 
  • @sprkls8506 enjoy that sounds lovely 
  • @fishee333 Aerial silks? Like Cirque du Soleil? 
  • @leahcimmichael Ya like Cirque :) It's so fun and such a great way to get into shape. I did silks and flying trapeze for a few years before I got pregnant with DD, so it's been about 3 years. I was so in love with it. I figure now's the time to get back into it and get in shape before I get pregnant again. 
  • @fishee333 Wow! That’s awesome!!!! What a badass sport!
  • Thanks :) I ended up taking a nap instead lol but I plan on going to another class Wednesday night. 
  • @fishee333 lol A nap is definitely more my style of work-out  :D
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