HDBD 10.18.17 — The Bump
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HDBD 10.18.17

We haven't had one of these in awhile. 

Re: HDBD 10.18.17

  • I figured I'd post a few since it's been some time. S is now taking steps on her own without any coaxing. I'm sure she'll be full on walking any day now. 
  • Yayyy S! She is so beautiful, love her little expressions and dark brown eyes. 
    I honestly think it's easier now that V is walking. She's more independent and more cautious of here surroundings since she is upright. No more head bumping from crawling. 

    Here's V, she's going through a head butting stage right now when she tantrums. It's pretty awesome. Not.  :#

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  • So cute @brzvice!  Such a pretty smile!  I'm hoping for a little more independence when she starts full on walking. The tantrums have gotten pretty bad over the past week. She is already hitting, but she also hits because she likes the smacking sound. How are you handling?  Right now I'm either ignoring or telling her why I said no. 
  • Look at those little beauties! On Tantrums: Johnny will dramatically throw himself to the ground on his belly, lift his head up and just go "Whaaaaaa!" I really want to get a video of him doing it. You'd think somebody just shot his puppy and he actually understood what happened as devastating as he makes things seem. Mean ol' mom won't let him chew on a butt wipe or book cover.
    I haven't dealt with hitting, but we had a VERY brief biting spell. Fortunately, he just kind of quit on his own once it seemed to click with him that he hurts people doing that.
    But seriously you guys... How is Johnny already almost as big as Jimmy? They're sharing half their clothes and in the same size diapers...
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