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Help-FTM-My child loves to scream


I now have a 5 week old daughter. Her first two weeks were amazing but after 2.5 weeks, she started crying and fussing all the time. We later learned she had blood in her stool and we switched her from Alimentum to Neocate. We noticed she was a bit less fussy on alimentum but we recently started Neocate when she turned 5 weeks old. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or just her age, but she has started to become a lot fussier since Sunday. It’s hard to settle her down to sleep and stay asleep, the only way she’ll stay asleep, is if she’s finally exhausted. (And sometimes in the car seat in the bathroom with the water running) Has anyone experienced this? I don’t believe she is colic because she is consolable but she will cry every time she is up and we can’t leave her in a swing, bouncy chair, or even just being held. We have to constantly shush and move around. i honestly feel I can’t enjoy my child because she will be content for about 10 mins and then start wailing. When does crying become less in your experience ? Help! :(

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  • You might try reading happiest baby on the block. It explains a bit about why babies cry and gives info on ways to calm them. 
  • You said you just switched to Neocate?  It could be that your LO needs a little bit of time to adjust.  Especially since she has a milk allergy/intolerance and blood in her stools, it could be that she's working through any left over proteins, from her previous formula, that may still be in her system.  Generally the rule of thumb is two weeks when switching formulas.  Some people see change sooner (or later) than that, but it's a good guideline.  Give her digestive tract a chance to heal and hopefully she will start to feel better.    I know my little guy was so miserable when he was working through is allergy, he had terrible gas and reflux, and like your LO, blood in his stools.. it did take him some time to work through it. 
    Hang in there!
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