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I'm currently 20 weeks and the ultrasound tech said I'm having a girl!

Re: I'm currently 20 weeks and the ultrasound tech said I'm having a girl!

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  • When you never post anything by way of introduction, never interact and then are surprised we don't do backflips...all I can say is:

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    When I first opened this thread the OP was blank so I assumed OP deleted it. Now I see it's simply a shot of genitals with no text (photo must have taken a while to load). Gross. Truly gross.
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  • My DH has worked for a few different companies as an Internet Security engineer for about 10 years..Needless to say, I've heard so many stories about things you post on the Internet coming back to haunt you. I truly hope the original poster does return, if for nothing else than to DELETE the picture of her child's naughty bits. You can't really undo something once it's out on the Internet but my god...for the sake of your child and their future decency... please take the money shot down. If for no other reason than to protect you and your future child.

  • @babybro218 I saw baby parts and didn't want to look any more than that... but ya, letting the Internet know your first name and the hospital your baby care is affiliated with just adds another level to the information security bit. Stranger danger OP, stranger danger. 
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