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Slight Fever

Hi everyone. 

I am 10 weeks 2 days and recently I have been feeling quite hot in the evening hours, I never thought anything of it until last night when I was really feeling the heat while laying down in bed. I took my temperature and it read 99.5 -100°F I used a termomoitor that you run across your forehead. 
I was wondering if I should be concerned about this and when/if I should go to the ER for it. Since it’s the weekend I cannot call my OB to ask for advice.
And has anyone else experienced this during their pregnancy? 

Thank you for your time! 

Re: Slight Fever

  • You can call your OB even if it's the weekend. There is someone on call for their service at all times for this purpose. If you call the main number you will get their answering service and a return phone call. If you are concerned that this is an emergency, then visit the ER. Good luck! I hope it's nothing.
  • How would you treat a fever if you weren't pregnant? Would you normally go to the ER for 99.5-100? Ive been told from all my various procedures to call if my temp was over 101.  Otherwise, peoples' body temps range and 99.5 isn't really very concerning, unless there are other symptoms going along with that.  Like if you arent eating or cant hold food down, have pains, etc. If it was me (and you do you) I wouldn't want to go to the ER for that because of the risk of catching something else there, and would wait and see what my dr office said and just treat it as if it was somethin viral- fluids and rest. But im not a dr and thats just what id do for me. 
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  • I would first go buy an in-mouth thermometer. Those are more accurate. The slide across the forehead ones are great for basic info when your kid is sleeping or you don't know if it's worth the "real" methods but they are notorious for being off so if you need an accurate temp, you need a better method. When you have real numbers, if you do have a fever, use Tylenol (not ibuprofen, not aspirin, but acetaminophen) to try to keep the fever down. And obviously rest. Do not try to keep up with your life until it's better. You can also try things like cool showers but those are only a temporary fix. If you can't keep it under 101, call the doctor or after hours nurse line. If you can't 

    Yes, I've shrugged off fevers of 104 in the past. It was stupid. But I also don't mess around at all with fever in pregnancy as it can have some pretty negative effects. 
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