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3rd Trimester

Contractions starting and stopping at 41+wks?

Has anyone experienced contractions starting and stopping after 41wks? 

I was having contractions 10-20mins apart for 4hrs then they just stopped.

A few days ago I was 4cm dilated and 50% effaced.

Is this all an indication that 'real' labor will start soon or is it still a case of 'it could happen in 20 minutes or in a few days or weeks'? 

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  • Yeah I had a non-stress test showing regular 'real' contractions but even after 2 membrane sweeps and 2 doses of castor oil, active labor hasn't kicked in. 42wks tomorrow! 5cm dilated and 85% effaced... I wonder if it's an age thing where my body can't produce the oxytocin anymore? Almost 40. Second baby. 

    I will have lots of questions and I guess some decisions to make surrounding my natural med free birth plan when I see Dr on Monday. 
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