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1st Trimester

Climbing the walls...

I'm 11 weeks along now and I feel some symptoms starting to ease. This should make me happy because I'm getting more energy to keep up with my 2 year old but I'm nervous because I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks in February and I'm climbing the walls between appointments. My next midwife appointment is on Tuesday the 17 followed the next day by my NT ultrasound. I'm dreading everything. I can't really focus on this being a baby yet. 

( I don't want to scare any FTP ladies out there because I was Terrified of a missed miscarriage during my first  pregnancy which resulted in a perfect girl. But I want to also say that it's a real and scary thing, although uncommon, to miscarry in your second trimester and with no symptoms. I had no idea until there was no heartbeat at my check up)

Any encouragement would go a long way. 

Re: Climbing the walls...

  • The placenta starts to take over around 10 weeks so it is completely normal for your symptoms to start to go away around the end of first tri.
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