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HDBD 10/11/17

Over the last week, Birdie and I flew from Indy to Boston and back to visit family on my side and to attend my brother-in-law's wedding.
We had previously flown from Indy to California, but she was too little. This time, she really enjoyed the "air-pane." Here she is having some cheddar bunnies.
The wedding was held in Jamaica Plain, one of the neighborhoods in Boston. Nearby was the coolest little playground. People just basically leave their Step2/Little Tikes toys for anyone in the community to play with. Birdie had a ball, and especially loved the coaster. I wish we had room for one at our apartment.
Here we are, visiting cousins. Her cousin was nice enough to take her around in his pickup truck. Don't mind the stone face. She really did enjoy it.
And this is what I suspect created the Great Airplane-Vomit Fiasco of 2017. A "scary berry" donut. Never again will I feed my kid sugar before a flight.

Re: HDBD 10/11/17

  • Harper playing with daddy’s lacrosse stick and then at pumpkin picking 
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  • kodariahkodariah member
    edited October 2017

    Keaton's been funny lately having to use all the baby stuff after baby does.

    Poor kid got sick and the only person he wanted to cuddle was the one person we didn't want him to cuddle. 

    He doesnt like swings, he was mad I wasn't letting him slide. 
  • This girl loves to paint and shes so careful about it!!
  • I don't know how y'all get good pictures! Evelyn is constantly moving. If she's pointed towards the camera, it's blurry because she's moving. Otherwise, we capture the backside. Out of the 100+ pictures we took at the pumpkin patch, this was the best we got. And I had to crop it significantly, because daddy was back there!

  • @krrpe99
    You'll notice that most of my face shots of Birdie involve food or the high chair. Otherwise, I get a ton of backside, too.
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