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Headache Remedies?

Hey ladies, 

I am new to this board as I just got my bfp last week after IVF so I'm at about 4 and a half weeks. Ever since the day or 2 before my beta test I've woken up with and have maintained an annoying and somewhat painful headache/migraine. Obviously I've only taken tylenol but I've had to take it as many times as I'm allowed in a day in order to keep it to a manageable place. Do you guys have any natural remedies or suggestions? I've always had migraines due to hormones so I'm not surprised at this but I'd like to take as little medicine as possible to maintain it. Thanks! 
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Re: Headache Remedies?

  • hydration, small amounts of caffeine, magnesium supplementation. Good luck!
  • I have tried peppermint essential oil,  diluted in a carrier oil and massage it into my temples . BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET NEAR EYES 
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  • I second magnesium. I suffer from headaches not pregnant and had horrible headaches with my first pregnancy. I started taking magnesium glycinate 600mg am and pm about 4 years ago at the start of my pregnancy with my son and never had one. It helped after pregnancy, too. It’s  just part of what I take everyday now. 
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  • Hi, sorry to be a bother but do not buy peppermint essential oil, it should not be used during pregnancy! I bought an headache relief eye mask that I can cool or warm (depends on what you feel the most comfortable with) to help with the persistent headaches I had. It works an will help you calm down without using chemical. 
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