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Need advice please! ;)

my group of girl friends who live in other countries and we only see each other few times a year, are planning a long weekend trip two hours away from where I live. It's bachelorette party so the plan will be to party and visit the city. 
I will be almost 8 weeks pregnant when that weekend comes and I have to let them know now if I'm going or not. It's hard because they don't know I'm pregnant so I don't really have any excuse. 
I am already having nausea and fatigue, and I definitely would not be drinking. I read that clothes become tight around this time too. So i can't decide if I should go or not? 
I would appreciate advice since this is my first pregnancy! Thank you!!! 

Re: Need advice please! ;)

  • When in doubt ask yourself what you'll regret later. Will you regret that cozy night in? Or will you regret missing being there to celebrate the occasion? You can always figure out a non arguable excuse as to why you have to leave early if you want. But that's usually my way of deciding. 
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  • I was a maid of honor and still went on the wine tour bachelorette party I planned for my best friend. I was around 10 weeks at the time and my clothes were still comfortably fitting for the most part - however, this is different for everyone. Yes, it was a long day, but I was comfortable with telling everyone I was pregnant ahead of time and asking for small breaks when I needed them.

    However my situation is not a one-size-fits-all. I suggest keeping your health and baby's health in mind as you decide this. If you think you can feasibly manage celebrating the bride, while still taking care of yourself, then go for it!
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  • If you do decide to go and still aren't ready to tell them, you could just order virgin drinks.

    I know for my first though I only found out I was pregnant at 7.5 weeks, and my clothes still fit the same. I wouldn't worry too much about clothes fitting tight, at most it would just be bloat.
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  • Thank you all very much for the replies! It i le very helpful :) 
    I definitely can't tell them yet because my mom is away until my week 12 so I'm waiting to tell her first, plus the timing is great since will be the 3 month mark. 
    We are still sorting out the logistics so I'm not sure yet if I will go. I will keep the post updated! 

  • With baby number 1 I let my close friends know we were trying and that I wouldn't be drinking just in case I was and didn't know yet. This way they understood and didn't give me a hard time about not drinking. If they are your close friends they should understand. I say take advantage of the time with friends now, it gets hard to find the time after baby comes. 
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