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Experience with Diclegis??

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and due to nausea and vomiting getting worse by the day, my doctor put me on Diclegis. While the med keeps me from vomiting, I still feel nauseated all day and I still experience dry heaving at least once a day. I also still can't stomach my prenatal vitamins and that's concerniing me too. 

My doctor wants to increase my dose of the med to 3x a day (currently take 2 pills at bedtime and 1 in the morning) but the medicine makes me drowsy and I work a fulltime job and have to drive to work everyday.  Does anyone have any solution that works that doesn't have terrible side effects? I've tried lots of natural remedies from ginger to preggie pops and nothing seems to work. Help!! 
-Sick and Frustrated

Re: Experience with Diclegis??

  • I took Diclegis through my entire first pregnancy and now 20 weeks into this one. It never completely made me better, but it helped a lot. I suggest trying a gummy prenatal, that made a huge difference for me both times. You could try switching to Zofran if the Diclegis isn't doing it for you. Lots of women feel better in the second trimester so hang in there. 
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