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1st Trimester

Suffering cerebral palsy but pregnant and happy :)

Hello everyone! I am 20 weeks preggo for now (and soooo happy!). The only thing why I'm "special" is that I suffer the mild cerebral palsy. Having a baby was my biggest dream. Anyway, I was scared if I can carry well and look after my baby and be a good mom.. I remember myself looking through the internet forums desperately and hopimg to find some parents' with CP stories, experience, advice, etc.. There was really not much info about it thou. And now I would like to share my own experience and find more "special" parents-to-be or those who already raises children. I also need the support of you all here, friends. I will do my best to be a good mom and I want to inspire the others, pregnancy with CP is possible and you can do it!
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