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Zofran Question

Hello Ladies,

7 weeks along with baby #2 and have been having really bad morning sickness (ok, really it has been all day sickness) so the doctor put me on 4mg of Zofran. I took the first dose this morning and within 30 minutes I was dizzy and exhausted. I basically felt like I had not slept in days. After a long nap and 7 hours latter I feel normal. My question is, will my body get used to the drug and stop being dizzy and so tired or is this kind of how it goes with Zofran? Thanks!

Re: Zofran Question

  • Zofran causes drowsiness. It’s an expected side effect. Call your dr if you’re concerned. 
  • I couldn’t take Zofran because it caused massive headaches and dizziness for me. My doctor ended up prescribing Phenergan, which was a miracle drug. I hated having to use it, but I missed a whole month of work because I couldn’t even get out of bed. Within a week of using it, I was feeling pretty much normal, and was able to go back to work. It did make me very sleepy, but if I was up and doing stuff, I didn’t notice the tired feeling as much. Perhaps you should try it for a few more days, and if the dizziness continues, you could try a different rx.
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