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1st Trimester

Is it normal to only want to sleep?

5w4d and all I want to do is sleep. I'm not sure if I'm being lazy or really the tiredness comes from pregnancy. 
I used to always wake up early and want to do things during the day. 
Does this tiredness go away? 

Re: Is it normal to only want to sleep?

  • Totally normal. For most women the second trimester brings more energy, then you're pretty worn out by the third trimester because of the extra weight (baby) you'll be carrying. With my first son I slept any time I wasn't at work or eating.
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  • Completely normal. With my first I also slept whenever I could...even at work on accident I'd fall asleep sometimes cause I was just that tired. This is #3 and it takes everything I have to stay awake while my girls are up (they're only 3 years and 17 months, so can't be left alone lol)

    Usually your energy returns 2nd tri, then 3rd triyoure tired again, but it's a different kind of tired for me...more just tired of moving and standing from the extra weight
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  • Yep. I was exhausted all the way up until 13 weeks. It gets better.
  • I’m also a little over 5 weeks from Ivf and I am literally so exhausted too. It’s rough. 
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  • I'm 11w and have been exhausted since 6w. Sleeping 9 hours a day, which means I go to bed super early and go into work literally as late as I could (9am).
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  • Just 6 weeks here, and I took a nap in my car over lunch break at work yesterday. By the time I get to work and have my second small snack meal (nausea is also hitting me hard) I’m already daydreaming about my bed!

    So, oh yes definitely, exhaustion is normal. 
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