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Tell me your schedule

just curious if what everyone's schedule is like with their LOs now that they're pushing 2.
Here's a short version of Ginas:

6:30am-7:30 wake up (7:30 is a rare occasion)
She gets a bottle of milk and watches Sesame Street, about a half hour later is breakfast.
Lunch 11:30/12
Nap 1:00/1:30
Up from nap about 2:30
Dinner 6
Milk before bed 
Bedtime 8

Re: Tell me your schedule

  • Wake up between 5 and 6 (7:30 would be heaven!)
    Breakfast is right after wake up
    Leave for daycare/work at 7:30 on weekdays
    Morning snack is around 9
    Lunch is at noon
    Naptime starts at 1. Hopefully lasts 2.5 hours
    Afternoon snack is right after naps
    Home from daycare around 5
    Dinner at 6
    Bath time at 6:30
    Stories and bedtime start at 7

    We try to keep his eating and sleeping schedule the same regardless of whether he's home or at daycare.
  • @nackie 5am is rough! I agree with keeping the schedule the same. I only work 2 days a week and those 2 days my parents watch her and follow the same schedule. I left out snacks of my schedule because Gina has several a day lol 
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  • Wake between 7-8, eat breakfast
    Drop off at his sitters around 9 on weekdays
    Lunch 11:45-12
    Nap 1-?? 1:45 if at home, 2:30-3 if at his sitter's house
    Dinner 6-6:30
    Bedtime at 8 

    We try to stay very regular with bedtime- Luke is a bit of a wild child so we try to keep some structure and routine where we can!
  • Graham usually wakes up around 7:30 and has milk on the couch with a show, then breakfast about an hour later
    Lunch around 12
    Nap is usually 2-3:30/4
    Dinner around 6
    Bed around 8

    However, the last few days, he's been waking earlier, taking shorter naps, and fighting bedtime. Hope it passes quickly! 
  • Wake up at 7ish (sometimes as late as 8/8:30 on the weekend)
    Breakfast right away 
    Daycare drop off at 7:50 (weekdays)
    Lunch around 11 or 12
    Nap right after lunch, usually for 2-3 hours
    Daycare pick up around 5:30 (or earlier depending on the day and when DH gets out of work)
    Dinner 6/6:30ish
    Bath right after dinner
    Bedtime routine starts at 7:30 (bottle, teeth, book, bed)

    We do snacks between all of the meals and sprinkled all over the place.  The kid loves to eat!  
  • Wake between 630&730
    breakfast usually half an hour after wake up (she watches tv while I get it ready)
    lunch at 11/1130
    Nap at 12/1230 depending when she woke up
    wakes up from nap between 230&3
    snack around 330
    dinnee 5/530
    bath 630
    bed 7. 
  • Wake 7-7:30
    Snuggles in my bed with a bottle of milk and cartoons because mama is not a morning person. 
    Breakfast 8ish
    Lunch 11-11:30
    Nap 11:30/12 to anywhere between 1 or 3. 
    Afternoon snack when he wakes.
    Dinner 5:30 or 6
    Bedtime 7:30, bath at 7 every second day

    Does anyone else find it's a pain in the butt to get out and do stuff with the one long nap in the middle of the day? I find i tend to just go way off schedule I  order to actually do stuff during the e ay.
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  • Wake @ 7ish
    Breakfast and milk shortly after waking
    10-10:30am nap
    12-12:30 wake up
    lunch and milk 
    3:30-4 second nap or rest (most of the time it's just some downtime in the crib, but if the first nap wasn't good, we'll get a second.)
    6:00 dinner
    7:30 milk
    (bath every 2-3 days)
    8-8:30pm bed
  • @failuretofly that mid day nap does make things tough especially since DS will fall asleep in the car and totally screw up his nap if we're not home at least an hour before naptime.  Since he's up so early, we usually go places early in the day (like 8-11) and then come home. 
  • @failuretofly yes! We try to get out by at least 9 and be home by 11/1130 to try to stick to the schedule. If she misses that nap, she's a mess. It's hard because I would like to do things in a longer stretch rather than trying to be home for her nap. 
  • Wake around 7ish - 6 on daycare days 2 days/week
    Breakfast about 30 min after - or when I am desperate for coffee
    Snacks when she asks for them, usually around 9/10
    Lunch around 11/1130
    Nap around 12/1230
    Snack when she gets up, hopefully around 3
    Dinner around 530/6
    Bed around 8 

    Naps have been sucking lately, and she is eating like a grown man, hopefully it means a growth spurt of some kind and will go back to normal!

    And I also agree about the midday nap being obnoxious, I miss the 2 naps! 
  • @failuretofly Yes!  I have a love hate thing going with one nap.  I felt like when we were still on two naps it was harder to get out though, since it felt like she was always napping.  Now like other posters have said we try to get out early to get home by 12ish.  If she falls asleep in the car its always so hard to get her back down.  Last weekend we had so much going on that we completely missed nap both days.  
  • Wake 6-630 
    Small snack/drink
    8- breakfast 
    1130- lunch
    12-2: nap 
    530-6: dinner 
    630- bath 
    7- bed 

    he snacks intermittently throughout the day just whenever! I also just had my second baby a few days ago so that's at least what it was before and doing our best to stay consistent with him! 
  • Wake up-8:30-9 ( most time 9am)
    Lunch 12
    Nap 12:30-3:30, or 1-4
    Dinner 7
    Bed 8 or by 8:30

  • Mamapema said:
    Wake up-8:30-9 ( most time 9am)
    Lunch 12
    Nap 12:30-3:30, or 1-4
    Dinner 7
    Bed 8 or by 8:30

    That schedule sounds fantastic lol 
  • @JanuarysBaby1, before she turned 18 months, it was 8pm-7:30-8am. Suddenly, she likes to sleep in!!. Which is nice for me because i just got out of 1st tri, i needed to rest..i work from home, I'm able to stick to the daily schedule daily. Trust me, she hasn't been a very good sleeper. We are actively potty training,  she is waking up at 5:30-6 claiming " I'm cold" meaning, " pull-up is wet" .I just do a quick change. I think her being dry is why she is sleeping in longer. Sometimes, if she ate poorly, she will ask for milk, drinks 4oz-ish. I agree, this is a dream come true!!
  • @Mamapema congratulations on your second! Your LO knows so she's letting mama get some much needed rest! 
  • Mamapema said:
    Wake up-8:30-9 ( most time 9am)
    Lunch 12
    Nap 12:30-3:30, or 1-4
    Dinner 7
    Bed 8 or by 8:30

    That schedule sounds fantastic lol 
    I agree, that is an amazing schedule!

    Ours is:

    Wakeup @6:30am (sometimes as early as 6)
    Breakfast and snacks in between 
    Lunch @11ish, she takes a long time to eat
    Nap: 12:30-2, but sometimes it's only 30 min 
    Snacks in between
    Dinner at 6
    In bed by 8
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