Pregnant after a Loss

Cat is out of the bag...but I wish I could get it back in.

I was really nervous about telling people about this pregnancy (10 weeks now) but I got tired of saying "who knows" when people asked me if we were trying for another baby ( i have a two year old girl). 

I had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks around 6 months ago and I'm having a hard time believing that this one will stick. I keep having to stop myself from saying "when the baby comes" because part of me feels like it won't. 

Statistics are on my side for a healthy pregnancy and delivery but how do I trust my body again?

Re: Cat is out of the bag...but I wish I could get it back in.

  • I feel for you!! It really stinks living with the fear and anxiety.

    We didn't tell our family until 13w. I'm 16w now and honestly aside from telling a few close friends and family we've made no big announcement.
  • It's a hard thing to face... I was like that with my entire rainbow pregnancy. We had a mmc  at 11 weeks.... after 4 perfect babies... so for me... getting pregnant meant a happy perfect baby.... until then
    I found myself saying... if this baby makes it... if we get this baby etc... and I lived that entire pregnancy in fear... and he is the greatest blessing 
    Now we are pregnant again and those fears still creep in but I try my best to push them away and enjoy this!
    You can do it
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