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Potty training

Is anyone potty training or getting ready to? Davey likes to pee on the potty a few times a day and also often announces that he's peeing in his diaper when he does that, so I have started thinking about how we'll potty train when we're all ready. Any tips? Strategies? Pitfalls? Ideas? This is totally uncharted territory for me. 

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  • We started to plant the potty training seed but haven't gotten the potty yet.  Harper announces the poops but not the pee.  Potty training SD was a bit of a nightmare.  We didn't get her trained until she was 3.5.  We tried all of the tactics and failed, but I think there wasn't enough consistency and persistence from the beginning and then she got to an age where it was a straight power struggle.  We finally ripped the band-aid off, went no diapers even at night, and put a potty in her room and it worked.    
  • Weve gotten a potty and planted the seed. He sits on it and says "pee pee" when i am also going pee. He knows when he poops and comes and finds me to change him though he won't tell me that's why. 
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  • We started by putting the changing table in the bathroom. That way, Birdie would already associate it with potty. We've also been cheering for ourselves any time she's in the bathroom with us when we go. She has a potty and likes to sit on it, but we haven't made the leap to really give it a huge try yet. Our schedules have been so hectic, and we've been traveling. It just seemed like it was too much risk for regression. She has peed many times on the potty, and pooped once. I just ask her every time we go to change her (or she follows me into the bathroom when I am going,) if she wants to sit on the potty. If she says yes, that's great. If she says no, I don't push it.
  • Ya we do something similar. I just give Freya the choice to sit on her potty. She usually says no. I think I'll really make a go of it when she turns 2. I think Lucie's List has a whole thing about potty training with lots of good advice.
  • We have been actively potty training. I work from home, I've been consistent with her. She announces when she needs to go. I put regular underwear so she can feel the sensation. Pull-ups only when we are getting out of the house. When she announces, i rush her to potty, offer alot of books and nursery rhymes. After she is done, we clap, dance..lol., she carries the "contents" to toilet, pours in, flushes the toilet, hands me potty to clean, then she returns potty to its place. She loves the process. Her potty is really cute and comfy. I'm hoping she gets fully trained by the time time 2nd baby arrives in 6months...
  • Any updates on potty training process / experiences?  We got a potty a few months ago.  At first O was very excited about using it. But now if I notice she's about to poop and offer the potty she refuses, says no no and starts shaking...  I don't want to force her as I don't want her to have a bad feeling towards the potty but I'm wondering why the seeming regression and how to get past it...
  • We are done potty training. It was so challenging. I can't believe my eyes when she eans to per in the bathroom. We went through a phase where she refused potty. I bought a potty seat ring, where she can sit on our toilet like a big girl! She loves that. If she is refusing the potty, get the  potty seat and a plastic stool to rest her feet. Offer her to pee every hour. She wont like being interrupted in the middle of peeing or pooping. Thats why she is shaking and saying no. My dd will use the potty if she is pressed and can't get to toilet fast enough. We only do diapers for nap and bedtime or when running multiple errands. 
  • We havent really started but she pees on the toilet quite a bit. We ask her if she wants to and she says yes and does it. We don’t have a potty she goes right on our toilet with the kids seat on it. Some days I get her to go 3-4 times and some days were so busy that she doesnt at all. We will start potty training in the new years 
  • We bought a potty a few months ago and give using it a try only about once a day.  She's peed in it a total of 3 times.  We talked about giving potty training a go after her birthday but now I'm not so sure.  We go back and forth on it.  She still seems so young but sometimes will fight getting a diaper on.  She tells us when she poops right away, and will grab her crotch or tell us when she pees, but doesn't seem like she's in rush for a diaper change.  I'm also wonder if she seems young to me since SD didn't get potty trained until 3.5  :s
  • We just finished Day 1 and it went pretty well. A few accidents but lots of pee (and poop!) in the potty. I’m not sure how the transition goes from reminding him every 20 min to him initiating when he needs to go, but I’m going to stick with it and assume that will work out. He was peeing on the potty a time or two every day and asking to be changed, so we knew he was getting close to readiness. We’ll see how the remaining days go but so far I feel optimistic. 
  • Zacky went on the potty once at daycare this week. We got a seat to put on our toilet so he can use that.  We plan to just let him sit on it when he offers but not rush it.  
  • Can anyone recommend an awesome potty training book for parents to read? We have plenty children's potty training books for Rose, but I want one for us so we have a clear idea of the plan so we're consistent. Rose isn't turning 2 until 2/8, but she is really getting annoyed with her diapers.  (Every morning it's a race to get to her crib before she yells DIAPER OFF and takes it off herself.) So, we're thinking of starting in the next couple of weeks. (I am not looking forward to it!)
  • Zack has just started expressing an interest in sitting on the potty.  He'll tell us he needs to potty, but once we get his pants and diaper off, he'll climb up on the step stool and then say all done without ever sitting down.  He then insists that since he "pottied" he needs to wash his hands.  30 seconds after we get him dressed again, he tells us he needs to potty again.
    He LOVES to wash his hands and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason he's even remotely interested in the potty.  Its been very frustrating because we don't want to say he can't use the potty, but he refuses to actually sit on it.
  • We have been potty training since the 1st. So far Aurora has really surprised us, we tried straight to underwear and would take her all the time, it got very frustrating. After two days we switched to the bare bottom way and said if any a very days she wasn’t catching on then she wasn’t ready. She took to it right a way. Maybe one accident a day, she will even go and pee/poop on her own. We just started having her in underwear but no pants. She does pretty well with that, sometimes has more accidents. Nap times and bed times she is still in diapers, but sometimes she stays dry. When traveling we have her go before we leave and will put pull-ups over her underwear till we get to the place. Still limiting traveling a lot with her because if she wears pants too long she does have an accident. 
  • So Freya recently decided to pee in her potty or the toilet all on her own, and she absolutely loves just wearing underwear. She won't poo though, and if she needs to she asks for a diaper. I always offer her to go in the toilet but she isn't interested. I don't want to push it since it happened so easily and naturally with pee, but if anyone has any tricks for the poo aspect let me know ;) FYI we've been doing a lot of naked time for her over the past few months anyway (she takes baths in the morning, so we just let her stay naked for a while after that) so that's how I think she got used to knowing when she needs to go to the bathroom and why it happened so easily for us. 
  • Graham pees on the potty after bath time before getting in his night time diaper. We are just trying to get him used to it. He will occasionally use it at other times during the day. He always asks for a diaper change after going pee or poop so hopefully we are moving in the right direction! 
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