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I'm new around here so bear with me, please.  I'm sure this topic has been discussed a lot.  With my dd we cloth diapered. Never had a newborn stash and waited until she was about 9 to 10 pounds to start using our OS diapers.

I'm thinking about doing cloth from the beginning this time around.

Are newborn diapers worth it?  What are your favorites?  How many do you have?
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Re: Newborns

  • From what I've heard, yes, newborn diapers are worth it. Anything else will be too huge on a newborn, unless he/she is big. 

    I don't have newborn diapers. I have 6 Thirsties Duos size 1 covers (adjustable like a one-size for about 7-18 pounds) and 21 fitteds I made to match the covers (adjustable to the same size range). 

    21 is not really enough. I'd love more. I wash about every 1.5 days, and I originally intended to wash every other day. 
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  • We used newborn cloth diapers and loved them; my LO was tiny and came home under 6 lbs, so our one size stash didn’t fit!

    Lalabye baby makes excellent newborn diapers! They’re pocket style, but with a snap-able insert, so it can be stuffed on stay on top. I loved the fact they dry so much faster than AIOs!

    We probably had 25 newborns and some covers! Because in the beginning she was going through maybe 12 a day, and that let us wash every other day!
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  • I used Disaa will covers and the small size,  3-6 months,  fit on a newborn.  They are soaker type diapers so they pull on. They were up to her arm puts but totally worked.  This time I think I might get some wrap style wool covers. 
  • You can use cloth diapers as long as it is not causing as rashes, redness or allergies. I personally did not find Cloth diapers that absorbent as compared to disposable diapers. I have majorly used natural disposable diaper for my baby as it prevent rashes or allergies.
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