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Cramps, early in pregnancy

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Is anyone experiencing terrible cramps in early pregnancy?  I'm only 4 1/2 weeks along and got bloodwork confirmation that I am pregnancy. But for the past 2 weeks I have had cramps on and off. Anyone else experiencing this? I never had cramps with my first pregnancy so it's making me nervous!

Re: Cramps, early in pregnancy

  • Yes cramps in early pregnancy is very common. If they get really bad or are accompanied by bleeding call your doctor. 
  • Cramping can be completely normal. I found increasing my water intake helped with the cramping. 
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  • They are terrifying, but normal. I had them with my first and now again with my second. This is a rainbow baby so they freak me out, but they truly are normal. Like the above poster mentioned, the only cause for concern is if they get truly painful or are accompanied by blood.
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  • I have cramps but I think it's due to constipation, not really cramps in my uterus
  • I'm currently 4 wks with my third and have had cramping in the early part of all of my pregnancies.  Like pp have said, unless they are extreme and/or accompanied by blood, they are completely normal! That being said, I still get a little freaked out by them sometimes (even though this is my third go around).  Whenever I feel myself starting to worry, I just think that the cramping is caused by my little bean burrowing in and making him/her self comfy and safe for the next 9 months.  :)  That may be silly, but it really helps me!!
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