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Doula - Questions to Ask?

DH and I have decided to hire a doula as we are trying to have a natural birth (if possible). We have contacted a few and have dates/times set up to meet and talk with them. That being said, I would love to hear what I should be asking during the meetings? Any bits of advice? I think it will be more about comfort with the person, but I am not sure how to approach the meetings. Thank you!!

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Re: Doula - Questions to Ask?

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  • I had a doula for DS's birth and mainly asked about her experience working in the hospital where I was delivering (it was her favorite local hospital, so that was good). I also asked about her interaction with the nurses/medical staff there in general and she ended up telling me about a recent experience where there was a nurse who was very pushy (in a bad way) and how she handled it which was a great question I hadn't thought about asking. My husband was concerned about what his role/importance with a doula present and he really liked her responses about that.

    I'm a very special case because I had a precipitous labor for my 1st, and my doula ended up arriving at the hospital about 5 min after my son was born (I only got there 20 minutes before, so completely NOT her fault). But just having her there for the aftercare was great (and having her help me advocate holding/nursing my son longer before he got weighed and the blood test was invaluable). She also includes a postpartum visit in her services, and she was the first person to raise suspicions that something was going on with nursing, and gave me some great resources to help.

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  • I guess for me, I read bios after using to search for local doulas in my area. My friend had a doula with her third and I had talked to her about where to even start looking. MH and I had a few possibilities but one we really liked on paper. She was available and we set up an informal meeting. Because we moved in my third trimester I think I was already 35/36 weeks. She brought an info packet with her and was probably better at covering all the major topics with us—I was more interested in whether we clicked or not. We did and she was amazing. She’s in the middle of getting her midwifery certification right now so I’m kind of bummed that I have to find someone else. 
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