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Halloween Costumes

I'm curious to know what everyone's kiddos are dressing up as for Halloween.
Birdie is going to be Sheriff Callie, but I'm going to make it opposed to buying it. The store-bought costume has a tutu, and not every damn thing needs a tutu. Particularly characters that don't wear one to begin with.

Re: Halloween Costumes

  • So...Rose is going through a phase where she will literally only wear one shirt (a long sleeved blue, pink and orange dinosaur shirt with glitter.)  I'm not kidding - we bought 5 versions of this exact shirt because it is ALL she'll wear, so I'm worried we won't even get her in a Halloween costume this year!  Maybe if she wears the dino shirt underneath it?  Anyone else going through a very picky clothing phase?

    And yes, I've tried to convince her to wear a dinosaur *costume* but no, only the dinosaur shirt will do.  She even wore it at the beach!  

    Anyway, I guess we'll see!
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  • Gina is going as a cat. She loves them and walks around saying meow meow lol 
  • cali1710cali1710 member
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    Claires going as a unicorn. She loves horses and doesnt know the difference lol. It was the cutest I could find
  • cali1710 said:
    Claires going as a unicorn. She loves horses and doesnt know the difference lol. It was the cutest I could find
    I also have a horse-obsessed daughter, and thank goodness for all the unicorn things, because horse stuff is few and far between!

  • Davey loves Corduroy so I'm going to make him some green overalls and try to find a brown shirt and bear hat somewhere without spending a ton of money. His baby brother is going to go as Corduroy's missing button :)
  • Luke is going to be a wolf (he does the cutest little wolf howl!) And I will be Red Riding Hood :smile:
  • Omg @KFrob she is soooo cute 
    @maureenmce how silly!! Please share a picture, that's too cute. Freya only once in a while is picky about her clothes. 

    Freya's favorite things are boats, cats, and dogs, so we are going for a cat. I think we'll all be black cats this year, and we have two black cat pets as well. It'll probably be the last chance we have do something this cheesy. 
  • @kfrob Cedar is going to be that exact same llama! We have him a few choices and he loves how soft the llama is :D:D:D
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    Keaton is going to be a LED stick figure. I'm so jacked about it. 
  • Aurora went as Stitch to Boo at the Zoo. Daddy has been dreaming of this day for some reason. 
  • @Apthor02  We wanted Harper to be Stitch and were having so much trouble finding a costume!  She looks so cute!
  • Brynlee was a bit confused by the wings, but she's Skye from Paw Patrol. Both of my toddlers are extra opinionated, so we let them choose. She saw Skye and wasn't changing her mind. 

    Side note- I'm so excited to finally be able to post! The last couple weeks I couldn't post! I tried the app, the website, changing my password, logging in and out. No luck. I've missed this! 
  • I bought Samuel a shark costume because he loves (loved I guess) sharks. I have tried to put it on him three times now which have all ended in nothing short of a wrestling match and sobbing. So now he is the proud owner of a shark costume but as far as actually dressing up as it I’m thinking it’s not going to happen haha 
  • We had a sick bunny on a Halloween, so we didn’t go or at all. But Ev loved the costume. She took right to the softness and stroked her belly for an hour!

  • Here is Freya as a black cat. She absolutely loved trick or treating, we had so much fun!!

  • It rained here, so Luke got soaked but he loved trick or treating! 
  • Here's Birdie in her Sheriff Callie costume. She barely survived Halloween, she was so poorly behaved. We left the Trunk or Treat empty-handed well before we got to the front of the line because of her nasty behavior. We trick or treated at her Dad's house, and the surrounding 4 houses and that was all. I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, but now I'm glad it's only once a year, because I was exhausted.
  • @stephanienjer I feel your pain. 

    She was dressed as Skye... but honestly, she was the conductor of the Hot Mess Express. 

    She waa super sweet and cute at daddy's work, though...

  • a pirate wearing rocket ship pajamas! :D
     2 different events..he dug the sword and sometimes wore the hat!
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