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Monday BF

Air your complaints here! :)
Me: 30 // DH: 30
TTC #1: July 2016
BFP - Sept 2016 // MC - Sept 2016
TTC #1 (version 2.0): May 2017
BFP - Sept 2017 // EDD - June 2, 2018 // DD born June 6, 2018

Re: Monday BF

  • My husband is my bitchfest. I’m trying to be understanding as he just returned from a 7 month combat deployment but holy hell he gets mad at me for the smallest STUPIDEST things. He’s like a girl right now and I’m soooooo over it. He’s currently mad at me because I watched a video about what happened in Vegas last night on my phone while our son was across the room not even paying attention.  I know it’s stupid on my part to complain and petty, but I needed to rant. 
  • Today's bitchfest has to be about my job. 

    Our president and VP thought it was a good idea to use our store as a "show store" for the company. It's driving me nuts because my manager doesn't do ANYTHING other than walk aimlessly around the store and take smoke breaks. (I'm the assistant produce manager) So that means I get to deep clean, organize, and label everything on my own before they arrive in less than a week. Every time I feel like I took a good step forward he's right there with more bullshit that knocks me back again. And this is the man that's supposed to have me trained and ready to run my own department. *facepalm*

    I need some ice cream. 
  • edited October 2017
    One of my coworkers is essentially a 12 year old in a business suit. A needy 12 year old with no sense of self direction or ability to problem solve. Annnnd, they won't. Stop. Talking. To. Me. 

    That dead pan, non-interested gaze?? I h avent responded to the last 6 open ended statements??  Yeah, that's because I have a freaking job to do, and you're  annoying the piss out of me with your incessant chattering. 
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