Pregnant after a Loss


Hi ladies! :)

As other posters, this is a bit of a nervous/tentative introduction. This past Wednesday I went to the doctor and requested a pregnancy test - turned out positive! I was super excited, but of course PGAL brain kicks in not much later and now I'm just taking everything day by day. I am 4+3 as of today.

*TW* I experienced a MMC back in April followed by a D&C three days later. At my 8 week scan the baby only measured 6+2 but we did see a heartbeat. The following week's scan showed no further growth and no heartbeat. *TW*

It took 7 weeks for my cycle to return and then I was told to wait three cycles before trying again. The second cycle of trying was a success! I didn't think it would happen this month as DH went away to Japan for a week, but we BD'd all the way up until his departure and here we are! :)

Trying to find a state of zen when I start getting work up over symptoms/negative thoughts.

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