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Haunted House Season

K you guys, it's gonna be haunted house season soon, and last time I was pregnant it wasn't during this time of year. My best friend and I had made plans before I got my BFP to go visit a whole bunch of "haunted" attractions as its definitely our kind of thing! However, is it risky while pregnant? Am I worried for nothing? I know to stay away from the REALLY risky stuff, like the phobia experiences etc but what about just the average walk through? Any advice?

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  • I was actually wondering the same thing....

  • I was 6 months pregnant last Halloween and went to a haunted trail walk-through and was completely fine.  Keep in mind though that the one I went to had a few spooky areas where things jumped out and scared me but overall it was pretty mild. I'd say as long as you're not going to one where the ghouls can touch you, you're ok! 
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  • What do you think could be a problem with it?
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  • You'll be fine. Just don't go to a crazy one where they can touch you. 
  • Women birth babies in war zones. I think you’ll be ok in a haunted house. Just mind any warnings, like if they advise against it for pregnant women or people with heart issues. 
  • I was about the strobe lights....

  • @justsuzie how could the strobe lights hurt unless you have epilepsy?

  • Don't go to ones where the touch you and see if their rules prohibit pregnant women for going.

    otherwise wear a pad in case you get so scared you'll pee yourself 
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  • So my friend manages a haunted house in Jacksonville and they've had a woman go into labor during a walk through. She was about to pop though.

     I highly doubt you're going to be scared enough for it to affect anything. Most haunted houses have a strict no touching policy, if they don't, don't go to it. Most of the violence that happens is people reacting to being scared. Don't act violently, and don't go with someone who is going to act a fool, and you should be fine.
  • @justsuzie how could the strobe lights hurt unless you have epilepsy?
    @justsuzie how could the strobe lights hurt unless you have epilepsy?
    I have no clue.  I am living inside of a bubble with this pregnancy.  I think I may need to relax a bit and just go with the flow.  After multiple losses and no living children I guess I have been the overprotective crazy lady.  

  • @justsuzie it's completely understandable that you would feel that way. As far as haunted houses, I think the only thing that would be bad is if you went to one where they can tackle you.

  • Do haunted houses typically scare you duo much that you might faint or have a heart attack? If so, don't go (maybe ever). Otherwise, I think you're fine.
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    @mommabmb we thankfully are still using a crib but that just literally scared the shit out of me
  • mommabmb said:
    You know what is scarier? A toddler watching you sleep. Staring. 
    In a few years you won't need a haunted house anymore. You'll be peeing yourself at home for free. 
    Yes!!!! DD does this. We'll hear her through the monitor saying our names and then look over and see her standing next to our bed. 
    She did it last night to my mom. "Well, it was a little odd to wake up at midnight and see her standing there just staring at me. Then she just slept in my bed so she didn't do it again". Haha.
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