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How to keep from cabin fever

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FTM here and looking for advice on how to keep from getting cabin fever with my LO.
He is 16 days old so we still have awhile before he gets his shots and the weather has been up and down (was too hot when we first came home (high 80s-low 90s at the end of sept!) and now it has dropped to 60s.), so I'm worried about taking him out too much.
 Just wondering what we can do during the daytime. I'm starting to get a bit stir crazy. 

Re: How to keep from cabin fever

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    Why not just go out? I took my daughter out daily since she was 4 days old. Never got sick once. 

    I would get a little "baby blues" on the days I didn't get out. I needed a reason to put on real clothes and makeup and shower and get out. So I did. I'd got to the library, the store, whatever. 
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    I was told you can take baby out if you pretty much keep people away from him/her. Don’t let strangers hold or stand cooing over them. We went out once and plan on doing it more (our son is 10 days old). I used a lightweight breathable muslin blanket over his car seat and brought my own stroller to avoid more germs. It’s too hard to be in the house 24/7! We just are trying to be really careful. It’s too cold here to walk around outside.

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