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  • AF showed this morning I knew I was out this cycle since DH had crazy work hours week of my fertile time. We debated doing IUI this cycle but he's bear hunting next week and if we did IUI we wouldn't be able to BD before it so we will try another natural cycle. I usually end up triggering CD 13 most cycles I don't ovulate on my own til 16 or 17 so DH will be home. The break is actually nice I feel human again.
  • I am starting my clomid today as it's CD3.  I will be likely going in for my IUI next Thursday 11/2.  FX 
  • @Labluver2 Good luck on your natural cycle! And I know what you mean about taking a break and feeling human again. This whole IF process is just so all-consuming that sometimes you have to take a step back and remember who you are outside of IF.

    @aeb1116 Good luck on your clomid! Let us know how the IUI goes. FX this is your cycle!

    AFM, I had been spotting and/or bleeding for 16 days until it finally stopped yesterday. RE said that since *TW* this is my first AF since the loss *TW* it may take my body a minute to get back to normal. I took clomid CD3-7, but since AF was so wonky we may have taken it too early. I had an US yesterday on CD11 and my lining was thickening up (5-6mm) and I had three teeny follies starting to grow. Going back on Friday to see if there's any change. Since we likely timed clomid incorrectly, we'll probably skip IUI and just try naturally this cycle. 
  • @aeb1116 We are cycle buddies. I just started my Femara today and my US is scheduled for next Wednesday. Good luck to you!
  • @Labluver2 enjoy the break!! 

    @cassafrass15 that stinks about your timing! It’s so hard to time stuff. Makes sense to try a natural cycle. Good luck with that!

    @aeb1116 and @kerryann124 good luck with your IUI cycles!!

    AFM going in for my 7dpIUI progesterone check tomorrow. Having some random spotting which is weird since I’m nowhere near AF and it’s been a week since my IUI ... wonder what that’s about!
    TTC #1
    dx: DOR
    8 cycles Clomid (1 BFP & MC)
    3 failed IUIs (Follistim & Trigger)
    IVF #1
  • @kerryann124 definitely keep us posted!!!! FX 

    @mac627 have you spotted before following an IUI? FX it is a positive sign!
  • @aeb1116 no, haven’t had bleeding at this point in my cycle before. Would love to think it’s a positive sign but don’t want to get my hopes up with anything. Last month I had all kinds of “symptoms” and then BFN. Fx though!
    TTC #1
    dx: DOR
    8 cycles Clomid (1 BFP & MC)
    3 failed IUIs (Follistim & Trigger)
    IVF #1
  • How's everyone doing? Should we start a November IUI thread?
    @aeb1116 Is your IUI still set for tomorrow? Good luck! 
    @mac627 Did you ever figure out the cause of the random spotting?
    @kerryann124 Have you had your IUI yet? I know you said you were close in timing with @aeb1116.
    @Labluver2 Hope your break is going well and you are relaxed.
  • Hey @cassafrass15 I think we should start a new board! How's your cycle going? Did you decide to just try naturally this month or are you trying the IUI? Timing can be so frustrating, but hang in there.

    I had an US yesterday afternoon and had one large follie at 24 mm, so I triggered last night and my IUI scheduled for tomorrow morning! My lining looked okay at 8mm, so hopefully it gets a bit thicker before tomorrow. FX for everyone.
  • Hey @cassafrass15 ! Thanks for checking in. I just had my IUI this morning. My last monitoring on the 1st showed three follicles 22, 17, and 19 but my lining was still thin at 6.2.  I've been on Estrace since then so hopefully it has thickened.  Now begins the TWW.  

    How's everyone else doing? I agree we should start a November board. 
  • Hi all!  After taking a few months off of treatment, I'm back!  I'm currently on a clomid cycle and trigger tonight with IUI on Sunday.  At my appt Wednesday I had 1 lead follicle and 2 small ones (I'm praying these catch up!).  Will we be starting a November IUI post?
    Me: PCOS   DH: No issues

    August '16-January '17: Clomid + HCG + IUI/TI = BFN
    February/March '17: Menopur + HCG + IUI = BFN
    April '17: Menopur + HCG + TI (due to too many mature follicles) = BFN
    May '17: Took off due to cysts
    June' 17: Menopur + HCG + IUI = Cancelled due to 8+ mature follicles
    November '17: Clomid + HCG + IUI= BFN

  • Hello ladies! I've started a new November 2017 IUI thread.

    @kerryann124 We did end up going the natural route this month. Not super hopeful, but we shall see. There's always a chance, right? Hope your IUI went well! 

    @aeb1116 Hooray for your IUI! Now we can be in TWW hell together. I'm 6dpo and already SS like a crazy person.

    @Funnygirl34 Welcome back! I'm also on a clomid cycle. Hope your follies grow nicely.

    Ok, moving over to the November thread if you all want to join me there. 
  • I realize it's already December but our 6th IUI was on Oct 22 and I'm now 7w6d. I couldn't believe the BFP because I kept thinking all week that I was going to get AF with all the PMS/initial pregnancy symptoms. We were going to move to IVF if another IUI didn't work.
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